Power Steering Seal Fluid Leak Repair Cost: What This Means for You

Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair Cost

If you are experiencing power steering problems, you might be wondering what is the power steering fluid leak repair cost. Mostly the problem is regarding a fluid leak. It may be a small leak or sometimes it could even be a bigger leak. A fluid leak can cause losing control of the steering, but don’t worry because it happens to all of us and because it is a very common problem you should know the repair cost.

First Signs Of Fluid Leakage

If the power steering fluid is leaking the pump will start making noise every time you turn the steering wheel. You may want to check the steering fluid reservoir, if the fluid level is low and there is a lack of lubrication in the pump, you will be confirmed about the leakage. Power steering fluid also has a burning smell, which is another way to find out if there is a leak which will cause the power steering fluid leak repair cost.


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Places Where You Can Find The Leakage

If you suspect a fuel leakage you should take it very seriously and act on it as quickly as possible. To fix the problem you first need to find out the source of the leak. You can also check the ends of the steering rack, that is a place where a wear out can happen and it may start leaking.

Apart from the back end, another very common area for a power steering fluid leak is the power steering line, if it is only the seal which is broken it can be replaced. Although, generally people prefer to change the whole pump, as it requires a special set of tools to open it.

Causes Of Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost

If you are facing a problem with your power steering a possible reason could be a power steering fluid leak. The steering works smoothly if pressure on this fluid fluctuates, if the fluid is leaking, it can cause your steering to lose control. During normal operations of the vehicle, the hoses in the steering rub on to each other and cause friction, this friction might result in the breaking of either of the hose, which might cause the fluid leak. The fluid leak could either be slow or fast if the leak is fast it is possible because the fluid line is broken. Even a crack in the pump could be another reason for leaks.

Cost Of Repair

As soon as you detect a leak it is recommended that you find a “stop-leak additive” from your nearest automotive spare parts store and do a quick fix so that it could save you from further damage. But there may be a bigger power steering fluid leak repair cost If you are in a need of replacing the complete power steering fluid system it can cost you around $500-$650. Instead of going for a complete system replacement, you may find out where the problem is and change that individual part. It will cost you much lesser.

If you just need to replace the hose, it can cost you $60-$150 and some labor charge. If the problem is in your pump and you need to replace it, it will cost you around $200-$220. In case of pressure valves replacement, the parts should not cost you more than $10. I think this should help you the next time you detect a steering fluid leak.

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