Power Steering Seal Replacement: What This Can Help With

Power Steering Seal Replacement and You

If you have a feeling that your car may have developed a power steering oil leak, the first thing you should be doing is planning on a Power Steering Seal Replacement. You should also be checking the power steering oil reservoir. If the oil level in the reservoir is not at the minimum level, you may be dealing with a leak in your power steering oil reservoir. Power steering oil has a very characteristic smell. It is almost like a burned marshmallow. We are sure you may not have found that documented at any place either on the net or in the repair manuals.

The Damage that is Possible without a Power Steering Seal Replacement

If you feel that the steering of your vehicle is binding up, or the pump of the power steering starts making a whining noise, there could be a good chance that your power steering oil is getting lower or it may have run empty. This would be a good time to think about Power Steering Seal Replacement. If you operate the pump of the power steering when you are low on oil or have no oil, then you can inflict a lot of damage to the entire system as metal particles being emitted from the pump may enter into the system and that can result in an internal failure of the other parts.

The Whining Sound

The first signs of power steering oil leak is a whining sound from the pump because the oil has gone below the minimum required level. When this happens, immediately get a Power Steering Seal Replacement. At this point the pump will begin making whining noises, more so when you turn the steering wheel. You hear the whining sound because the pump is not getting enough lubrication. Sometimes just adding some oil to the reservoir of the power steering will silence the pump whining temporarily, but the leak still needs to be taken care of.

Common Places to Find the Leak

The ends of the steering rack are the most common place where you may find the leaking power steering oil. If this happens, getting a Power Steering Seal Replacement may help. The leak will make the seals at the back end to wear out, and they will start leaking too. If the end seals of the rack are leaking, you may not see it immediately since the oil will be stuck by rubber boots at both ends of the steering rack. The role of these boots is to defend the steering rack against road debris. When the boots are filled up with power steering oil, the oil will make the boots swell and eventually penetrate through it.

What is the solution?

If the power steering oil leak is being detected from the end seals of the rack, then it is more likely that you will have to replace whole of the steering rack and that will cost you some money. You can also think of doing a Power Steering Seal Replacement. You may get lucky and find someone who can replace the seals, but it is very uncommon since it requires you to disassemble some parts of the steering rack so you can get in and this also sometimes needs special tools.

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