How to Seal a Power Steering Leak: Instructions for You

Learning How to Seal a Power Steering Leak

Power steering makes your drive easy. Without them, it would be hard to control your steer. Mainly while driving at slow speed. There is a lot of pressure on power steering as the fluid depends on the system.
The fluids help your drive to make smooth, If they leak due to any problem they needed to be replaced you can learn How to Seal a Power Steering Leak from this article and you can do it at your garage.

Tools you’ll require:

But before we learn How to Seal a Power Steering Leak You would require some tools, As we are going to this all by our own. The first things you require for the task is Car Ramp followed by a car jack. We also require Jack Stand with shop rags. There will be also a need for screwdrivers and socket wrench. these are some essential tool you would defiantly require to carry on the following task properly.

Step 1 – Parking & Locating Power Steering Pump

The first thing we need to ensure is the working space is safe the best place would be your garage. You can also work on a flat surface, Drive your car to the ramps and use the car jacks to lift it in the air and make sure you look the wheels. After you have done with parking the next step would be to locate the power steering pump which is located at the bottom of the engine bay, at the end of the steering column. There you’ll find power steering and fluid reservoir.

Step 2 – Placing paper & Tightening nuts of pump

After locating check if the pumps are leaking or not. For a better idea about the leaking spot place paper at your driveway. This way you could easily locate the power steering pump leak. If there is a leak coming from the pump it can be fixed by a few rachets nuts and twists. The hose clamps sometimes loosen up due to the vibration while driving. Remember when some people learn How to Seal a Power Steering Leak they make the mistake of unnecessary changes of components which don’t require any modifications.

Step 3 – Replacing cracked hoses & Checking steering seals

If you find crack at the hose you need to replace them, Loose tight the old clamps on the component to install the new hose. Then install an replacement of that hose. Tighten the clamps and hose again. if the clamps are close to the end of the component. In that case, You required to cut end and reuse the same hose. In most case, the possible leak is found through the rubber seal of the steering column. Look for this area and replace seals wherever necessary.

Step 4 – Bleed lines

If you have to change the hoses and replace fluids in power steering system. You need to bleed lines of any air. Abandon the cover of the reservoir and then steer the car or let someone do it so it can build pressure. After you see bubbles wait so it can calm down and then replace the cover with a new one. Use the steering continuously and check for its smoothness. Keep bleeding the lines till all the air is gone. By reading this article I am sure you would have learned How to Seal a Power Steering Leak.

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