Fixing a Power Steering Fluid Leak: What to Do

Fixing a Power Steering Fluid Leak

Today we will be talking about one of the worst problems that you can face with your car. It’s the power steering fluid leak problem. A fluid leak is such a problem, which makes your whole ride a nightmare.
Today we will discuss how this fluid leak takes place, what are its symptoms, and we will know about fixing a power steering fluid leak too with the total cost and everything you need to know about it.

What is a Power Steering Fluid Leak

If you are aware of that, then your car’s power steering contains many fluids in it, which gets used for the better and smooth working of your car’s steering system.
These fluids are the things with the help of which you can enjoy your ride, and can have a trouble-free drive. These fluids also help in preventing corrosion in the power steering pump. They also help, in the hydraulic working of the power steering system.


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Reasons for a Power Steering Fluid Leak

there are many reasons by which your car can face the problem of power steering fluid leak. Some of the most common issues are-
1. Direct fluid leakage in the power steering pump, because of breakage of seals.
2. Disturbance in the connections between rack and pinion of your car, which can lead to a fluid leak.
3. Plumbing related problems in the whole power steering system, because every joint contains some seals and flexible joints, which can break or can get loose.
4. Age of the car, if the vehicle is older, then there are chances that your car’s power steering system must have some leakage problem.

Fixing a Power Steering Fluid Leak

There are many solutions with the help of which you can get rid of power steering fluid leak problem. Some answers are-

1. Using a leak stop, this is a type of fluid which, when added in your ‘car’s power steering pump stops the leakage problem. However, it has some drawbacks, which are that leakage can start again after some time.

2. The next and the most responsible solution for fixing a power steering fluid leak is, to get a new seal kit and replace the older one.
Before moving further, I must notify you that this replacement is expensive, but this solution is the best as you would never see any such leakage issue for years again in your car.
We would suggest you go for a complete replacement of the power steering seal kits for fixing this leakage issue.

What if Not Fixed?

If your car has a power steering fluid leak issue and you didn’t get it to repair on time, then you are going to see specific changes in your vehicle, such as-

1. You will have a rough drive.
2. Smoothness in the power steering would be no more, and it will destroy the luxurious drive feel.
3. Can ruin your ‘car’s whole engine.
4. Rack and pinion can get stuck at some point, and you would not be able to turn in any direction.
5. The car starts overheating even with the use of a short interval.

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