Power Steering Rack and Pinion Seal Rebuild: A Dive into

Power Steering Rack and Pinion Seal Rebuild and What to Know

Our cars are filled with several parts. We know about some regions, while there are many parts about which we don’t know until and unless we are somewhat in this automobile field.
Today we would be talking about one of such part about which most of us don’t know, and that is Power steering rack and pinion. Moreover, we will know about the power steering rack and pinion seal rebuild too.

Uses of Rack and Pinion

Let us first know about the methods and the working of these two different parts found in our car’s power steering system.
• The rack is a type of metal bar which is placed in between the front wheels of the vehicles. It connects both the front wheel with each other.
• While a pinion is a type of gear, which is connected with that metal bar called the rack. Whenever the driver rotates the steering wheel, the frame moved in the direction the steering wheel is moved. Which means it helps in guiding the car with the help of front wheels.


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Seal Breakage of Rack and Pinion

There are many reasons by which the seal of your car’s rack and pinion can breaks. Some of the main reasons are-

1. A seal breakage can take place if any hoses or tube starts leaking. These hoses and pipes leak because of the pressure created in them.

2. There are O shaped rubber substances placed in between joints of the power steering system if anyone of those rubber breaks. Then this can lead to leakage.

3. As the pinion is connected with the rack, there’s also a rubber segment in between that joint between rack and pinion. If that rubber breaks, then this would also lead to seal breakage and then leakage.

How to Know it’s time for a Power Steering Rack and Pinion Seal Rebuild

To know that your car’s power steering rack and pinion seal is broke. There are two things to notice, and that is

1. Firstly, you can check any leakage by seeing that any oil is discharging and falling down your car. If there’s an oil mark down your vehicle, then your car’s rack and pinion could be the one thing that’s leaking.

2. The other thing to notice is that while driving your vehicle, you feel roughness in your car’s steering and it feels hard to handle car’s steering.

Repair and Cost

This point is all about your car’s power steering rack and pinion seal rebuild. Forgetting your leaking rack and pinion repaired one should always go for replacing the complete frame and pinion system. There are many liquids, which says that they can stop the leak. But it’s suggested to go for a total replacement of the rack and pinion system.

But replacements can be costly. The cost of the power steering rack and pinion seal rebuild can go up to $600 to $1000.

It’s expensive, but there is no other way of repairing them, as we can’t change the rubber rings manually. It takes a complete replacement to get rid of such breakage. But once adjusted, it will work properly for many years.

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