Seal Power Steering: Why it’s Important

Seal Power Steering Products

The critical part about seal power steering are the actual tasks of our products. The seal has the responsibility of preventing the flow of fluids from two functionally separated spaces from one space to another. Gaskets must limit leakage losses to such an extent that safety requirements are fully met while providing economically advantageous constructive solutions. According to the purpose of the seal, the following criteria and properties must be met: leak proof (to reduce any losses), operating safety (errors are caused by loss of operation), lifetime, dismantling, loss of power (loss of media or friction), influence on the press (media not affected by changes), mechanical properties, gas leakage, thermal conductivity. Our company meets all these requirements with top quality materials that are our products made of.

Our Products are Made of the Most Excellent Materials

Materials are also one of the necessary vital parts, and we have the nicest ones. For the materials from which the seals are made, the following properties are essential: mechanical, tar, chemical resistance, leakproofness, thermal expansion, resistance to specific temperatures, degradability, erosion resistance, you can expect from us to bring you all the following properties and only best services. Gaskets are made of the following materials: paper and cardboard, leather, weft, jute, cotton, vegetable fibers, fiber, cork, cotton cloth, vulcanfibre, wool, asbestos, tire, artificial resin, graphite, synthetic coal, metals, sintered and synthetic materials. We can distinguish the sealing of non-detachable, conditional, separable, and compounds. When sealing non-dissociate compounds, dissociation can only be achieved by the destruction of the compound, while with the limited  compounds, the separation is made only using one of the components in the mixture.


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Sealing of Non-Removable Compounds

-Welded joints in which impulses are conveyed by force are various forms of pipe disruption and welded joints, most often not included in the sealing but the tight coupling.

-The sealing of the sealing is an unbreakable transverse constriction. It is sealed so that the expansion of the pipe hardening results in high pressures on poor surfaces and good seal-ability of the seals.

-Longitudinal sealing is accomplished by slamming the steel sleeve into the sealing parts. This type of sealing is used for sealing high-pressure turbines.

-Another method of the sealing of non-removable compounds is sealing with sealant. The sealing can be carried out using a sealant (sealing kit), which is applied to the non-metallic surfaces, creating a kind of flat seal. The most commonly used is manganese kits, silicone rubber in the form of pastes or artificial varnishes, which are used to seal the housing parts.

Static Gaskets or Separable Sealing of Silent Parts

In this group the seals include flat and profile seals that may be soft, made of various materials, hard and can be sealed even without sealing with the adhesion of the sealed surfaces that stick to each other.

Dynamic Seal Power Steering

We have the dynamic seals that you need. Dynamic seals perform touching sealing of machine parts that rotate or move linearly. Regarding the main paths of the possible passage of the medium, depending on the relative movement between the cylindrical radial surfaces, the seals can be divided into:

Primary sealing on the cylindrical sealing surface; the gasket is standing and a relative movement between the shaft and the seal (the primary seal is to the shaft and secondly to the chassis). Primary sealing on the radial sealing surface; the seal is rotated together with the rod, the relative movement is between the seal and the casing (primer is sealing against the housing and secondary to the shaft). Primary sealing must ensure sealing between surfaces of high relative velocity, and the subsequent action is almost silent.

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