2000 Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Leak: Where to Look

2000 Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Leak and What Problems it Can Cause

If you suspect you might have a 2000 Honda Accord power steering pump leak, it’s undoubtedly because you have begun hearing siren-like or whirring sounds coming from the power pump especially when negotiating corners. The power fluid can leak from several spots and refilling the reservoir tank won’t help because it will keep dropping.

Another thing that will make you think your car is losing power steering fluid is when you see dark brown spots on the floor. Power steering fluid has a distinct smell and color hence easier to differentiate from common oil leaks. When inspecting your 2000 Honda Accord power steering pump leak, be sure to check the following places.

Determine If It’s The Power Fluid

One way to be sure you are losing power steering fluid when checking your 2000 Honda Accord steering pump leak is by checking what sort of fluid is dripping from your engine area. Different models and generations of cars uses different power steering fluid. 2000 Honda Accord manual specifies you use genuine power fluid to power your steering system.

Connecting Lines

Power steering pump has connecting hoses which run from the pump all the way to the rack, gears, pinion and back. Due to constant motion, the lines may crack. When checking 2000 Honda Accord steering pump leak, feel the hoses with your hand to determine if there is any crack that may need repair. As observed however, the hoses tends to get damaged where they mate with metal outlets or inlets due to creation of high-pressure. If this the case, cut the end and reuse it.

Power Steering Rack And Pinion

When scrutinizing your 2000 Honda Accord steering pump leak, check the rack and pinion for two things—the seals and any fracture. The seals are damaged due to constant exposure to dirt which wears them out. Secondly, the rack and pinion may get damaged by dirt or in case of an impact, metal may chip creating an easy escape route for the fluid.

Coolant System

The pressurized coolant system complicates 2000 Honda Accord steering pump leak troubleshooting and repair. This additional fitting is installed to assist the power steering system but on the other hand additional hoses increase chances of experiencing a leak. The coolant is mounted at the top of the engine hence prone to damage.

Steering Pump Itself

The pump is bolted to the feed and return lines, mortar rack and pinion, coolant and finally the reservoir tank. Due to the constant pressure, the seals become fatigued and wear out leading to a leak. Additionally, contact with dirty fluids compromises the integrity of the seals too. When checking your 2000 Honda Accord steering pump leak, check all the components seals or any damage on the power steering pump shells even though it’s very hard, it’s also prone to damage.

Bottom Line

If you want to have a nice experience with your 2000 Honda Accord steering system, have it occasionally inspected by a mechanic. You can still do this on your self as long as you have a fully equipped power steering seal kit.

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