Car Leaking Power Steering Fluid Leak: Watch Out for This

Car Leaking Power Steering Fluid Leak: Looking Out for It

Power steering is what gives life to your vehicle, makes it light and smooth on handling, especially on sharp curves and U-turns. Just like the engine oil is its blood, fluid in power steering does the same, offers a safe driving. Car Leaking Power Steering fluid Leak could get the driver in trouble and will cause the failure of steering movement due to the absence of required force. Car leakage will cause unsafe driving situations, and in worst cases, preventable crashes. You feel there is a leak; your first response should be the inception of the steering fluid reservoir. If the level of fluid in the tank is low, it’s a warning sign that there is a definite leakage.

How to know its a Fluid leak?

Car Leaking Power Steering Fluid Leak has a unique smell somehow you may find it like burnt plastic. The lower level of liquid in power steering causes it to bind up, unable to steering smoothly. Another clear sign will be the change of noise from the power steering pump, and all these signs indicate that there is a quick leakage of power steering fluid.


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Should I Continue Driving in Case of Car Leakage?

First of all, it, most important, you have to identify the exact reason for car leakage. There could be plenty of reasons your car can be leaking, but if it is because of power steering fluid leak, then you should consider looking for a refill as a temporary solution and then get a repair appointment. In case you find leakage at a later stage while your power wheel got completing stuck, there will be a high chance that maximum damage has been done to the whole power steering system. When a complete steering system jam occurred, metal particles from pump got pushed into the power steering system, failing the system internally from steering rack right to its valve body or in some cases steering gearbox.

The Mechanics of Steering Fluid Leakage

Car Leaking Power Steering Fluid Leak never happens at once but occurred after a chain of tiny indications. The process starts right from the pump wine, which will make strange noise as a result of continuously decreasing level fluid level. The peculiar sound you hear when turning the wheel is called white noise and is an indication of fluid leakage. The white noise is produced by the friction created in the absence of lubrication between parts. In a vehicle, parts where leakage most commonly occurred are at each side of the steering rack, but it will take you time to find leakage in these areas. Rubber boot on both ends of the frame prevents oil seepage unless the boot got swelled with liquid and seeped out.

Getting the Leakage Fixed

Power steering fluid leakage may get your entire vehicle in danger, so to find a solution right away will be the best advice. Temporarily the problem could be handled by adding up the power steering oil into the whine pump. But in case of fluid is leaking from each side of the steering rack, you might have to replace the complete steering rack, or if you are fortunate enough you could save a lot by finding someone who will fix the seals.

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