Ford Ranger Power Steering Pump Leak: What to Look for

Ford Ranger Power Steering Pump Leak and What to Look for

While driving a ford ranger, if you come across to a thought that your ford ranger power steering pump is leaking, then the question which pops up in mind is to look for what and where. Sometimes, it is quite easy to detect the fault line, and sometimes, it is difficult. The power steering pump is an electric driven or belt driven the hydraulic pump. It generates the hydraulic pressure which is required to assist the steering. The output of the pump is conducted to the steering gear, rack, and opinion. This output, inserts hydraulic pressure and pushes the steering rack and aid the driver. If the fluid leak begins in the pump, it will be tough to protect the system from colossal damage. So, it is quite better to focus on the essential points to detect the Ford Ranger power steering pump leak before its too late.

Observing Points for Leak Detection

When you are not sure about your ford ranger power steering pump leak, then try to focus on some primary and general points which will clarify that either your doubt was right or not.

• The smell of Power Steering Fluid: Power steering fluid has a disparate smell like a burnt marshmallow. Or this is what it smells like to me. So, the very first step of observation is through smell

• Reservoir Fluid Level: You must also check the steering reservoir fluid, if you find out a low level of fluid in the reservoir then it means your power steering pump might be leaking

• Hardened Steering Wheel: If you feel that your steering wheel is stacking and binding up, or hear a weird whine noise coming out of steering pump, then it’s time you check your reservoir fluid level

• Low Fluid Level: Low fluid level is a clear indicator of a steering pump leak. This low level can be hazardous for your entire steering pump system because metal particles can quickly gain entry into the system and can cause internal damage to steering racks, gearbox or the valves

• Whine Noise: While turning the steering wheel carefully observe the white noise. This noise is produced because of the reduced lubrication to the pump

• Vibration in the Steering: If you detect vibration in the steering, it might be due to pump pulley damage or is loose on the pump shaft. This is another indication of a power steering pump leak.

Quotidian Areas of Fluid Leak

In a ford ranger power steering pump leak, some areas are susceptible to leaks more than other parts in the system. One of these places is each end of the steering rack, the seals of rack end sometimes wear out and become the cause of leakage. This spot will take some time before you detect it was owing to the rubber rings and boot that will trap the fluid inside. These rubber boots keep the road debris away from the steering rack, but once it is filled with fluid, it will eventually permeate in the system.

Another point, from where the ford ranger power steering pump leak can also begin is at the power steering line or pump seal. It is quite challenging to find the seal replacement, and you might have to replace the entire steering pump system. You must also look for the hoses and belt line to find the weak spot. Sometimes, a leak can start from a place about which you cannot even think of, so it is quite better to have a detailed look over the entire steering pump before finalizing one single leaking spot.

Ford Ranger power steering pump leak is a serious matter and should not be left unchecked. The uncheck condition can make it extremely difficult to turn the steering wheel and might become the cause of an accident. The wisest course is to go for the repairs after carefully observing the leaking spots.

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