Discovery 2 Power Steering Pump Seal Kit: What You Need to Know

Here’s Info about the Discovery 2 Power Steering Pump Seal Kit

Owning a Land Rover Discovery 2 is an honor for many families because it is a great SUV and a family car for all terrains. It has luxurious, spacious, and comfortable interiors, and it has an elegant and reliable exterior. The service of any vehicle has its limits, and when the Discovery 2 power steering pump seal kit starts groaning when turning, there is a good chance that it has failed. There are many causes of power steering failure, and it can be costly to take a vehicle for repairs when the need arises.

Common Causes of Power Steering Failure

Before taking a Discovery 2 for repairs, it might also help if car owners are aware of the different causes of power steering failure. A car’s power steering functions reply on several components, and if any of these fails, it becomes less reliable and leads to its collapse. Some common problems include steering rack failure, loose drive belt, low steering fluid due to leaks and worn out seals, hydraulic pipe problems and power steering pump problems. The Discovery 2 models are usually affected by a power steering pump failure.


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Discovery 2 Power Steering Pump Failure

This is a common issue on most Discovery 2, and it can be harder to find a power steering pump for this model than the other Land Rovers. This why most owners find it more practical to use a Discovery 2 power steering pump seal kit to fix the problem. Reseal packages for Discovery 2 power steering pump are available from online stores and local automobile shops for affordable prices.

Is Resealing the Pump Seal the Best Method for Long-Term Fix?

Despite being the most practical option, it may not be the best method if car owners want a long term fix for their power steering pump issues. Resealed pumps can last for some 30 to 50 thousand miles or more. This is because, as the pump ages, it starts to wear out. The seals are the first to come off and cause the fluid to leak. The damage on the pump comes quicker when there is little power steering fluid. Failure of the power steering pump seals comes with leaking fluids and turning noises. Using a seal kit to reseal the pumps will get another 50k miles for car owners making it a practical option than buying a new pump assembly.

What if There Are Defective Parts?

A car’s steering component requires regular maintenance and fine tune-ups. If the system is affected by any defective or worn out parts, it must be addressed and replaced sooner. No amount of pump resealing and maintenance can solve this problem. If poorly manufactured parts cause the issues, car owners can avail of their warranty for replacement. But if the warranty period has lapsed, the best remedy for any defective parts is to seek new alternatives.

Can Car Owners DIY a Power Pump Resealing Job?

Car owners can find online guides for resealing with a Discovery 2 power steering pumps seal kit. But because the vehicle has an intricate connection of pipes and parts, it might still be best to seek the services of a professional mechanic who is fully aware of what should come out first and last. Some car owners have tried doing this alternative method of repair for their power steering pump but soon find themselves confused and overwhelmed. So unless you have mechanical skills and know-how, doing it yourself is not advisable for handling a power steering pump resealing job.

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