How to Fix Power Steering Fluid Leak: Tips for You

Tips on How to Fix Power Steering Fluid Leak

Power steering affects almost every aspect of car handling, whether it’s curves, simple turns or just maintaining a straight and narrow orientation on the road. Learning how to fix a power steering fluid leak will prevent you from being unable to navigate turns with the required force which actually leads to dangerous driving. Basically, constant use and time are the main enemies. When your car archives high mileage and/or ages, the seals and connecting lines usually lose mass, form and may even break.

The entire power steering unit is constantly under high pressure. Driving below the specified level of steering fluid will put intense pressure on the pump which can make it break. The first sign that will make you suspect it’s a fluid leakage is a weak shrill coming from the engine location, two, dots of brown liquid in your garage or parking location and three, difficult in steering especially when in low speeds on in a stationary position. With that said, this is how to fix power steering fluid leak.

Prepare The Working Area

Let’s be honest, repairing any power-steering fluid leakage isn’t as easy as repairing a power plug. If you have been wondering how to fix power-steering fluid leak or the first step, you are not alone. Park in a safe place, a garage with equipped with a car lift is the most ideal but any flat, firm and dry ground would still work. Drive up on car ramps or use jack to lift the front end into the air. Make sure to lock the wheels as you don’t want them swinging during repair.

Locate The Power Pump

Most vehicles’ manuals on how to fix power steering fluid leak will request you to inspect the power pump first. Though it is made robust, the rubber seals tend to wear out quickly due to constant pressure. The pump and the fluid reservoir are near the engine’s bottom. Once in sight, give them a quick check to see if they are the culprits. To be more accurate or pinpoint the affected area, you can place a white paper underneath to see where the drops are leaking from.

Repair And Replacement

This greatly varies depending on what or where the fluid is leaking from. If it’s the pump, you can easily repair it by replacing the seals and tightening the nuts. Additionally, be sure to check if the hoses clumps are tight enough as they usually loosen up due to vibration. Secondly if you notice your connecting lines are damaged beyond repair, then it’s time to replace them. Feel along the hoses with your fingers for any cracks. If the hose is cracked at the far end, simply cut it carefully up to the damaged point and reuse it instead of buying a new one.

Check Steering Column Seals

Of you as any professional mechanic how to fix power steering fluid leak, probably the first thing he will require you to do is check the rack, pinion and steering column seals. The seals get damaged, loose form paving way for the fluid to seep out. Replace the seals if you notice any deformation or cracks.

Bleed The Lines

A repair manual on how to fix power steering fluid leak will not be complete without this section. You will have to bleed the connecting lines to get rid of air bubbles which might have found their way into the system during repair. Have someone help you steer the wheel to build pressure. Leave the cover of the reservoir opened while doing this. Continue bleeding the lines as long as you see it necessary.

Lose of power fluid is a major problem almost in any car model. However, with appropriate skills and a fully equipped power steering seal kit you can easily repair any leak at home. Nonetheless, if you find it difficult to deal with, feel free to seek assistance from a qualified local mechanic.

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