Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak: How to Fix

Tips to Fix the Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak

A vehicle owner should not ignore a Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak for a number of reasons. The power steering allows the driver to steer the vehicle by applying less force. If there is any problem with the steering, due to a leak, more pressure will have to be applied to the vehicle after a little fluid has leaked. This may make it more difficult to control the jeep and could lead to accidents. As the fluid in the power steering will leak, the friction will also increase since the fluid is not there. This can result in heating and damage to the other parts of the steering pump.

How to Detect

There are many ways to detect a Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak . One of the easiest way is by inspecting the area where the jeep is kept in the garage. If there is no leak, there will no oil or fluid on the garage floor. If there is a leak in the power steering system, the leaking fluid will fall on the floor depending on the extent of the leakage. Another indication that the steering pump is not leaking is if the functioning of the power steering is affected. If it is difficult to use the steering or a lot of pressure has to be applied to the steering, there is likely to be a leakage.

Cause of Leakage

There are many reasons for a Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak. One of the most common reasons is due to a hole in the connecting hoses. After the hose has been used for a very long period of time, it will often get damaged to wear and tear, and develop small holes. Oil will leak through these holes, and the holes will become larger after some time. So it is advisable to replace the leaking hose as soon as the leak is detected since it will prevent wastage of the pump fluid. There are also a number of connections made to the steering pump, and there is a possibility of leakage at any connection. The seals may also get damaged resulting in leakage

Fixing the Problem

If a Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak is detected, it is advisable to first find out the exact cause of the leakage. The best way is by inspecting the steering pump, and all connections to it. The point at which the fluid is leaking will usually have some sign of fluid leakage, and some fluid will be visible on the surface. Replacing a damaged seal or hose is inexpensive, however the vehicle owner should have the skills, and experience to do so. In other cases, it may not be possible to detect the exact cause, and the entire pump may have to be replaced.

Tips for Repair

For fixing a problem like Jeep Power Steering Pump Leak, the vehicle owner should attempt it himself only if he has the required experience and tools to do so. If he does not have the required skills, he could cause even more damage to the vehicle. Hence it is advisable for the jeep owner to be objective about his repair skills before attempting any repairs. It is always safer to use the services of an experienced and reliable mechanic for fixing the pump leak. The vehicle owner should closely observe the mechanic in action, make a video if required, so that he can repair a similar problem in future also.

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