Power Steering Fluid Leak Causes: Let’s Take a Look

Power Steering Fluid Leak Causes and What to Do

Automotive safety is above anything. It is very important to make sure that the power steering system is operating properly. Fluid leakage in an automotive is a dangerous thing. In case this fluid catches fire, it could cause considerable damage to your vehicle and to yourself. Power steering fluid leak causes can vary. Sometimes the leakage is so low that one cannot get it. This continuous leakage can also result in causing damage to other system components.

Aged Seals

Everything ages, even the car. When the car ages it parts start aging as well. With the passage of time the O-rings and seals of a car starts losing texture, form, and mass. This is one of the major reasons of power steering fluid leak causes.

The seals are of considerable importance. It is the duty of a seal to make sure that no leakage is happening inside the car. When with the passage of time the seals start losing mass and form then they become danger for the car. These seals have the tendency to break up into Little Chunks. These chunks can circulate in the fluid. Once this happens the fluid seeps out and cause danger.

Moaning and Whining

Other power steering fluid leak causes include the moaning and whining of your steering. Even if you see no fluid leakage but you hear the moaning and whining of the steering wheel then know that there is a problem with your vehicle.

The Bad Smell

Another cause is the nasty smells coming out from your vehicle. When there is a problem with the fluid leak then you will smell nasty oil smells. You may also see a red or pink puddle under the rear side of your engine. There is a complete possibility that the oil is leaking through the rack. This leaking can cause a bad odor, which is a sure shot sign that the fluid is leaking from your vehicle.

The Steering Wheel Stuck

If you have difficulty adjusting, the steering wheels then know that there is a problem with the fluid. Another power steering fluid leak causes include the difficulty in handling the steering wheel. If the wheel is not coming to the center properly then it is a sign that your vehicle needs help.

Are The Wheels Too Tight?

If there is enough power steering fluid in your vehicle then you will never experience the tight wheels. In case there is a shortage and leakage of power steering fluid then you will feel the difficulty in adjusting the wheels. Another power steering fluid leak causes include the tightness of the wheels. The wheels will only feel right only tired when there is an inadequate supply of power steering fluid. If your car is acting weird then know that it needs repairs. Most probably, your car needs the replacement of seals.

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