Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost: What it Will Run You

Factors Affecting the Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost

The Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost will depend to a large extent on the model and brand of the vehicle. The design of the power steering of every model of vehicle is different, and the components like the pump, hoses and seals will vary. Hence to help vehicle owners estimate the cost of the fluid leak, some of the main factors which determine the cost are discussed. It should be noted that the cost will vary depending on whether a small leak has been detected or a major leak has been detected. The increased risk of an accident if there is a power steering problem should also be considered by the vehicle owner.

Fluid Leakage Duration

The Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost will depend on the duration for which the fluid is leaking without being detected. If the vehicle owner is doing regular maintenance of the vehicle, he should be able to detect the leakage of the fluid at the initial stage itself. He can then immediately stop the leakage of the fluid by using a leak sealer or other methods. In this case the damage will be less. On the other hand, if the vehicle owner will ignore the problem, the rubber parts will become dry, develop cracks. Additionally the friction will increase, resulting in heating and damage the components.

Fluid Cost

The most immediate Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost is the cost of the leaked fluid. The fluid will leak through holes or cracks in the hose, seal, rings and fall on the floor or road below and get wasted. The driver will have to replace the leaked fluid with a new fluid. The amount of fluid which will be required depends to a large extent on how soon the leak is repaired and the size of the hole or crack through which the fluid is leaking. If the leak is repaired immediately or the crack is small, less fluid will have leaked. If the hole is large, a lot of fluid will have leaked, and the cost of replacement will be more.

Rubber Seals, Hoses, O rings

The Power Steering Fluid Leak Cost should also include the cost of the replacing or fixing the rubber parts like seals, hoses. If all the fluid will leak, the seals and other rubber parts in the power system will become dry and develop cracks. Usually a leak sealing fluid is sufficient to seal the cracks in the rubber parts. This fluid is fairly inexpensive. However there may be more damage to the hoses, rubber seals and other parts, which can be fixed using a leak sealer. In this case, these parts will have to be replaced, and the cost of parts, and repair will have to be considered.

Components Damage

If the leakage is not fixed immediately, the Power-Steering-Fluid Leak-Cost could also include the cost of replacing the various components of the power steering including the pump. The fluid also acts as a lubricant and coolant, and when the liquid leaks or is drained, the friction between the various components will increase. This can result in heating and damage the parts of the pump like the piston. In some cases, the damaged component will have to be replaced, while in other cases, the entire pump should be replaced. The cost of hiring a mechanic for replacement should also be considered.

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