Power Steering Fluid Leak Fix: What to Do

What is a Power Steering Fluid Leak Fix

The power steering assembly is responsible for transmitting hydraulic power from the steering fluid to all the other car wheels which enhances their responsiveness and enables you to direct them with relative ease when driving. Following several years of usage, you may realize that the steering is not good enough when compared to previous years. There is a likelihood of leaks which may occur in the hoses or due to the improper steering rack. There are various solutions available which you can use to do a power steering fluid leak fix yourself.

For a Temporary Fix, Apply some Brake Fluid

Most individuals who have encountered the rack leaking, as well as pinion problems, tend to apply some brake fluid on the power steering reservoir. This is not a reliable power steering fluid leak fix, it may result in a complex issue in the long run. This should only be applicable if you are in need of getting to the nearest car repair center.

Park Car on a Ramp

You will have to crawl under the car so as to get at the pinion and rack. The best power steering fluid leak fix you can use is to lift your vehicle high enough so that you or the technicians are able to work on it is the use of a pair of duty car ramps. What you need to do is to place the ramps on open space and run the front wheels of your car on the ramps. When you get at the top, ensure to park your car and ensure the engine has been turned off. Remember to place the wheel chocks alongside the rear wheels and apply the brakes in order to ensure no accident can happen while you are working on it.

Clean Hoses

This is also another power steering fluid leak fix. Cleaning of the hoses connecting the rack and pinion is essential as it helps one to get rid of any dirt, grease as well as fluids. This will help you in identifying the spot from where the leak is occurring. While cleaning the hoses you should have a look at the entire condition of the hose. During the cleaning process, you will be able to learn of the hoses which need to be replaced especially if they are worn out and seem dry.

Locate the Leak

This is also another fix. You can do this by powering the steering reservoir with fluid partially then turn on the vehicle and try to turn your wheel several times back and forth. When this is done turn off your car and do a thorough inspection on both the steering hoses as well as the rack. Since all the hoses are cleaned if you spot any fluid leakages then you should be in a position to identify the leak point.

Replace Gaskets

Replacing gaskets is one of the most effective power steering fluid leak fix. If the gaskets on the rack are worn out then its time to replace them with new ones. Replacing the old gaskets with the brand new ones will solve the steering fluid leakages problem.

The above are some of the techniques you can use to fix car steering fluid leakage issues.

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