Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair: What to Do

Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair and What to Do About It

You would drive your car easily when your power steering is okay. When you don’t have a proper power steering, it’d be more difficult to steer your car, especially when you’re stopping it. The fluid which ensures that your power steering is easy would leak when something is faulty or requires to be replaced. What do you do if you notice that you’ve a power steering fluid leak? Below are the steps that you’ll need to follow for a power steering fluid leak repair.

Ensure that you Park

Before you start to power steering fluid leak repair, you’ll first need to park your car in a safe place. It’ll be okay if you park it in the garage. You can always repair your power steering leak on a dry flat exterior. Ensure that you either jack the fore end of your car on an empty space or drive your vehicle over the car ramps. To ensure that your car is stable, use car jacks. Always ensure that you fasten the wheels. So that you get a glimpse of where the power steering leak is coming from, put a piece of paper on the floor of your garage or put it on the driveway. Immediately you notice a leak, check quickly to see if the leak is flowing from the pump or not.

Find the Power Steering Pump

For you to power steering fluid leak repair you need to locate the power steering pump. You can find the power steering pump at the lower part of the engine just at the tip of the steering stack. After you’ve found it, check closely if the fluid is flowing from the pump.

Replace Leaking Hoses

If you identify there’s a crack on your hose, you’ll have to repair it. If you want to power steering fluid leak repair, extract the old hose by loosening the hose clamps that are found on the integral. Hook up the hose that you’d like to replace and then fasten the clamps that are found on the hose afresh.

Fasten Nuts on Pump

If the nuts on your pump are loose you’ll need to tighten them. If the leak is flowing from the pump, power steering fluid leak repair is essential. Normally, you can repair the leak with slight twists of cycle on the nuts. Sometimes, your hose clamps can be loose from tremors while you’re driving. A leak would also occur over the rubber allowances of the steering stack. You’ll need to closely check this part and ensure that you replace any allowances that might have occurred.

Drain Lines for Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair

You’ll need to power steering fluid leak repair if the lines have air. If you require shifting any of the hoses and reinstating the fluid in the power steering cluster, you’ll have to drain the lines of any breath. Ensure that you open the reservoir and ask somebody to steer up your vehicle so that you up the pressure of your car. Immediately you’ll notice bubbles coming out of the reservoir. Halt until it slows down and then cover your reservoir. Continue to steer until your vehicle responds. Also continue to drain the lines as much as possible so that you remove all the air from the reservoir.

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