Power Steering Fluid Leak Sealer: Easy Way to Seal

Power Steering Fluid Leak Sealer and You

When any vehicle has a leak in the power steering, most experts recommend that the vehicle owner or user should use a Power Steering Fluid Leak Sealer. Most of the vehicles available have power steering which greatly reduces the effort required to steer the vehicle. Over a period of time the fluid in the power steering may start leaking and this will adversely affect the performance of the vehicle. Most vehicle users will not realize the extent of the problem till it becomes difficult to steer the vehicle or the steering starts making a noise, or the leakage is visible.

Cause of the Leakage

The Power Steering Fluid Leak Sealer is developed after extensive research on the cause of leakage in the vehicle. The Power steering system is made of a large number of components of metal, plastic, rubber and other materials. The metal and plastic are fairly thick and strong materials, they will last for a longer period of time, while rubber is a softer material and will develop cracks or holes faster. The rubber is also likely to get damaged quickly if it becomes dry due to lack of fluid and will get cracked. The hoses, O-rings and seals are some of the parts of the power steering system which are made from rubber.

What is the Sealer

For most vehicles the Power Steering Fluid Leak Sealer is a viscous and thick liquid which acts on the rubber parts of the power steering, which are most likely to cause the leak. There are a large number of leak sealers available and their exact composition will vary since it is a trade secret. However these sealers will act on the holes and cracks in the rubber components of the power steering, lubricate them and seal the holes and other gaps in these rubber parts. After the sealer has been added, usually the power steering will become smoother and also the noise is likely to reduce, if the rubber parts were earlier defective.

Leak Sealer Composition

A Power-Steering-Fluid Leak-Sealer is effective in closing the fluid leakage because of the materials which have been used. The sealer will usually combine a hitech additive, viscocity improver, seal conditioner, detergent, fluid stabilizer and lubrication additive. The additive will close the gap in the rubber parts, while the detergent will clean the various parts of the power steering system. The fluid stabilizer will prevent oxidation of the fluid steering oil, and ensure that it does not aged. The seal conditioner will act on the seals in the system, so that they do not leak fluid.

How to Use Leak Sealer

Vehicle users and owners, should be aware that they should select a Power Steering Fluid Leak Sealer based on their vehicle model number and brand. The leak sealers have been developed specifically for different types of vehicles. These sealers are supplied in bottles and one bottle should be used for 3 quarts of the steering fluid. Usually it will take at least one or two days for the sealer to act on the rubber parts of the power steering and stop the fluid leakage. If the fluid leakage does not stop, more of the leak sealer should be added or the vehicle inspected closely to find if there is other damage.

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