Power Steering Leak Repair Cost: Varies by Leak

Power Steering Leak Repair Cost and What it Depends On

Many vehicle owners would like to find out the Power Steering Hose Leak Repair Cost after a leak has been detected in their power steering system. The hose is usually made from rubber in most vehicles . Like the orings and seals which are also made from rubber or neoprene, these are softer materials and are more likely to develop cracks or tears. While the exact cost of the Hose repair varies depending on the vehicle model number and brand, usually hose repairs for expensive luxury vehicles, will be more than budget vehicles. Some tips which will help the vehicle owner estimate the cost of repairs are provided.

Type of Leak

Usually the Power Steering Leak Repair Cost will depend to a large extent on the type of leak. In many cases, the hose has a slow leak, where only a small amount of fluid is leaking. This leak is caused due to small holes or cracks in the hose, which are not easily visible. When the hose become dry, the rubber will often develop cracks in it. In other cases, the fluid may leak fast because the hose may have a large tear in it. This may be caused by a pest eating it, accident, vandalism or other reasons. In these cases the hose will have to be replaced since it will be difficult to repair it.

Fixing Slow Leaks

The Power Steering Leak Repair Cost for fixing a slow leak is usually affordable and easy. There are many automotive and other stores which sell leak fixing fluids priced between $10 to $15 for a bottle. These are thick viscous fluids with additives, which are developed for fixing the cracks in the hose. It is important to ensure that the leak sealer is suitable for the vehicle model which is facing the problem of fluid leakage. The leak sealer should be added to the compartment for the power steering fluid. It will usually take at least a few days to close the cracks and holes so that the fluid leakage will stop.

Hose Replacement

If there a visible tear in the hose, the Power Steering Leak Repair Cost is likely to be higher since the leak sealer will not be effective in this case. The vehicle owner will have to replace the hose. If the vehicle owner has some experience in vehicle repairs, he can purchase the hose from a auto spare parts shop and replace the damaged hose. In this case the cost of replacing will be the cost of the hose which will vary between $60-$150 depending on the car model number and time spent. If the vehicle owner does not have the skills and tools, it is better to use the services of a garage or trained mechanic.

Labor Charges

The Power Steering Leak Repair Cost is likely to be higher if the vehicle owner is using the services of a garage or trained mechanic to do so since the labor costs will also be added. It is often advisable for a vehicle owner to ask the mechanic or garage to procure the hose and fix it, since the mechanic is likely to have more information on the various types of hoses available and cheaper alternatives. The replacement of the hose usually does not take much time, and the labor cost is usually less than $100, though it varies depending on the city or town where the repairs are taking place.

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