Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms: What to Look Out For

Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms Which Should Not Be Ignored

It is important that vehicle owners do not ignore Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms because if they do not repair the leak, it can affect the performance of the vehicle. Usually if the leak is detected at the initial stage itself, stopping the leak will usually be inexpensive and simple. The amount of fluid which is lost will also be less. On the other hand, if the vehicle owner ignores the leak for a longer period of time, a large amount of fluid will be lost. Additionally the damage to the various parts of the vehicle will be more due to friction and heating, and in some cases, the pump may have to be replaced.

Fluid Leak Puddle

One of the most common Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms is the formation of a puddle of oil under the vehicle. The steering fluid is orange-red in color and if there is any hole or crack in the fluid steering system, some of the liquid will leak and fall on the ground or floor due to the force of gravity. The amount of fluid which will accumulate will depend on the size of the hole in the system, and also the duration for which the vehicle is parked at the particular place. Ideally no liquid should be leaking from a parked vehicle, especially in a garage, so vehicle owners should not ignore the leak.

Steering Performance

Another of the Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms is that the steering of the vehicle is adversely affected. The power steering is used in vehicles to reduce the force which is required to steer the vehicle in a particular direction. When the steering fluid is leaking, the performance of the entire power steering system is affected and it becomes more difficult for the vehicle driver to steer the vehicle. In other cases, the steering system may be slower to respond after force or pressure is applied. This can be a major problem while using the vehicles in cities or while parking.

Increased Noise

Whining and squealing noises are Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms for many vehicles when the steering is being used. The vehicle is designed to make the least possible noise, and when a whining noise is heard after the vehicle is used for some time, it indicates that some part of the vehicle is faulty. This noise indicates that the steering fluid levels are lower than the recommended levels, and friction could be one of the reasons for the noise. Usually the fluid levels are low because there is a leakage in the power steering system, and should be fixed at the earliest.

Other Symptoms

If the leak starts when the vehicle is being driven, the Power Steering Fluid Leak Symptoms could be different. Like many materials, the damage is usually gradual, the thickness of the material will decrease gradually till a leak develops. In some cases, the vehicle user will smell the fluid which is leaking, and in some cases, the fluid will also start burning resulting in a burning smell. In these cases, the vehicle should be repaired at the earliest. Also most vehicle owners are inspecting their vehicles regularly for maintenance, and if they find even some signs of the steering fluid on the components, they should not ignore and fix it quickly.

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