Power Steering Leak Fix Cost: What to Know

Understanding A Power Steering Leak Fix Cost

In order to understand the Power Steering Leak Fix Cost that one will incur, it is vital to understand exactly what a power steering system is and it’s importance in a vehicle. A power steering system is just as vital a system as the engine system in a car.It is basically a hydraulic based machine.This means that it relies on pressure increase and decrease to transport the power steering fluid to its designated destination.The function of a power steering system is to allow the driver to use as little energy as possible in turning the steering gear or rack while negotiating a corner or just maintaining a straight path on the road.

Parts Of A Power Steering System

The goal here is to understand the system in order to avoid a Power Steering Leak Fix Cost. To further understand this ,it is important to be conversant with the various parts that make up this vital system in your vehicle.It mainly comprises of four major parts: The reservoir which is used to store the power steering fluid in the system.It also acts as the point where the fluid is introduced into the system.The second major part in the power steering system is the hoses.These are basically the pipes used to transport the fluid to the steering pump as well as the steering rack or gear.The other part in a power steering system is the pump turned by the serpentine belt and is used to increase or decrease the pressure applied on the steering fluid in order to allow for a smooth and efficient flow through the system.The last but not least is the steering rack or commonly known as gear.This is the unit in which the driver physically applies effort to aid in movement.

Signs And Causes Of A Power Steering System Leak

A Power Steering Leak Fix Cost could prove to be quite a headache to all vehicle owners.Hence, it is important to stay alert and watch out for signs of any leakages and also understand what causes this leakages and effectively prevent them.If you are driving and hear a winning sound emanating from your car, that could be the first and most important sign of a power steering system leak.This most of the time indicates a wear or tear somewhere in your car’s power steering system.The second sign to watch out for is a a noticeable leak in your garage or on the road as you drive.Be careful to distinguish by the color,odor and texture of the fluid to make sure it is not an engine fluid leak instead.A leak could sometimes be caused by the use of contaminated steering fluid which is most of the time black or brown in color, the seals of the rack and gear are worn out, pressure on the seals connecting the hoses could also lead to a leakage.Very rarely, you have just simply run out of steering fluid that causes the difficulty in turning the steering rack in which case you need to refill as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

The Cost Of Fixing A Power System Leak

If the issue has spiraled out of hand, then you will most definitely incur a Power Steering Leak Fix Cost.It is probably important to understand that cost of fixing the damage varies due to the different makes and models of cars. Cost is also dependent on whether you are taking it to a local car mechanic or the dealers.Mechanics tend to be cheaper but be mindful and take it to a reputable mechanic if this is what you opt for.Aside from the model and where you are taking it to be repaired, the cause of the leak also determines the Power Steering Leak Fix Cost.Most of the time a leak is simply fixed by using a stop leak fluid that goes for about 10-15$ a bottle.However,if the damage is more,for example: replacing a steering rack costs about 600-1000$, a pump replacement at the mechanic will cost about 100-150$ dollar for a pump and 100-120$ for labor.A hose replacement costs around 160-250$ which includes both the part replacement and labor.Belts tend to cost between 40-100$ while labor will probably cost you less than 100$. Seals and bolts are the cheapest going for 10$ and 1$ respectively.Labor required is often quite cheap.


It is quite evident that a Power Steering Leak Fix Cost could range from cheap to very costly.It is therefore to constantly take your car for servicing and be attentive to sounds as you drive.

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