Power Steering Pump Leak Stop: What you Should Know

Tips on Stop Power Steering Pump Leak Stop

Power steering is a very crucial car element and when maintained properly it can make driving much easier. Your car cannot be in a position to steer if it lacks proper steering, particularly when traveling at low speeds or in case you have a stop. The assembling of the whole power steering is subjected to high pressure due to the movement of the fluid across the system and the hoses. Fluid leaks occur when something is not working properly and demands to be replaced. The fluid is responsible for making steering easier. If you notice your power steering has some leaks, then follow the necessary steps to do your own power steering pump leak stop.

Below are the steps for stopping power steering leaks

Park in a Secure Place

This is one of the steering pump leak stop you need to think of but before you begin to fix your car you have to consider the safety of that area. Being in possession of a garage would be very important. Fixing your power steering pump leak can be done on a flat or dry surface. You can opt to drive your car on the ramps or you may jack the front of your car on the air. For more stability utilize jack stands, ensuring the wheels are locked.

Identify the Steering Pump

This is also another power steering pump leak stop. It is found at the base of the engine bay, alongside the steering column end. After you have spotted the steering pump try to examine it to find out whether there are fluid leaks.

Put the Paper on the Ground

Placing the paper on the ground is one of the means used for power steering pump leak stop. To get to understand the source of the fluid leak, just place a paper on the garage floor or the driveway surface. Once you have identified the leaking spot you can start the process of fixing it.

Ensure All the Nuts on the Pump are Tightened

If the fluid leak is originating from the pump then you can fix it by tightening pump nuts with the help of a ratchet. There are circumstances where hose clamps become lose as a result of car vibrations.

Reinstate Cracked Hoses

Power steering pump leak stop can be done by identifying whether your steering pump hose has some cracks, its essential to replace them instantly. To remove the damaged hose you need to loosen hose clamps which are found on the component. Reinstall the new hose and stretch the clamps surrounding the hose once again. You will notice the crack is too close to the component end. If this is the condition, then you can re-use the same hose.

Look at the Steering Column Seals

Steering column rubber seals is one of the ways used when in need of power steering pump leak stop. If you find out that there are seals which are causing the fluid leakage don’t hesitate to replace them.

The discussed above are some of the ways you can use to stop the steering pump leaks. If followed keenly you will be in a position to get identify and fix the areas causing the steering pump fluid leak.

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