Power Steering Reservoir Leak: How to Stop it

How to Prevent Power Steering Reservoir Leak

Many vehicle owners have been told that a Power Steering Reservoir Leak can be very expensive, since the rack and pinion may have to be replaced. Compared to replacing the other parts of the power steering system which are damaged, the cost of fitting a new rack are far higher. Hence the vehicle owner would like to find out the measures that he can take to prevent a leak in the rack of the power steering system. It should be noted that a leak in the power steering is more likely in vehicles which are a few years old,or are used more extensively and have a high mileage due to wear and tear, other factors.

Leak Symptoms

One of the most effective ways of preventing a Power Steering Reservoir Leak is by not ignoring any leakage of the steering fluid used for power steering. Though the performance of the steering system is affected when the leak starts, and more pressure is required to move the vehicle, most vehicle owners tend to ignore the problem. They also ignore the noise made, and leakage of any fluid below the vehicle when it is parked. As the steering fluid level decreases, the entire system include the rack is adversely affected due to increased friction and heating. So fixing any leak as soon as it is detected is one way to prevent rack leak.


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Accordion Boots

It is often observed that the Power Steering Reservoir Leak is taking place at the seals at the end of the steering rack, the place where it is connected to the tie rods. These seals are difficult to reach and are at the lower part of the vehicle, especially cars. Hence they are exposed to higher temperature, uneven road surfaces, chemicals, grime and dirt on the road. Though these seals are protected by the accordion boots, these accordion boots may get damaged or break, exposing the seals. Hence it is advisable to inspect the accordion boots and check if they are damaged, and replace if required.


In many cases, the Power Steering Reservoir Leak is caused by the shrunk, dry or damaged seals in the power steering. Though these seals may not be easily accessed manually, the stop leak products available may be able to restore the seal to the original condition, making it soft and pliable. This will close any holes in the system. Some of the stop leaks also form a protective film over the seals, closing any holes in the seal. Hence it is advisable to use a stop leak product as soon as there is any symptom of steering fluid leakage, because the stop leak will reach parts of the system, which cannot be reached manually easily.

Vehicle Usage

The vehicle problems including Power Steering Reservoir Leak depend to a very large extent on how the vehicle is used. If the vehicle is used roughly, driven at high speeds with frequent braking, change in direction, there is likely to be more friction and heating. This can damage the rubber parts like the hoses, seals, gaskets, and also metal parts of the system. Similarly if the vehicle is used over uneven surfaces, with stones, and pebbles, the rack which is the lower part of the vehicle may get damaged. Hence to prevent the leak, the vehicle should driven carefully only on smooth roads.

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