Toyota Camry Power Steering Fluid Leak: What to Know

How to Prevent Toyota Camry Power Steering Fluid Leak

A lot of people do ignore a Toyota Camry Power Steering Fluid Leak because it’s obvious that your car won’t stop functioning and leave you helpless in the middle of the road. However, you need to take your vehicle to the mechanic immediately you notice any fluid leak. This is because it can damage your car and it’d be very costly to repair it. So that we fully understand the power steering fluid leak matter, we must first identify what causes this problem. Below are the causes of a power steering fluid leak in your vehicle.

Hydro Boost Brakes

If you’re looking for a Toyota Camry power steering fluid leak you can check on your Hydro boost brakes. People do ignore it because it’s rare for a fluid leak to occur there. In some vehicles, the power unit would merge with the brake system for steering. It may sound convenient to you, but what happens is that some hoses and components would split the power from one system to the other. If you’re not careful, you’ll find on every hose mostly on the gasket and the seal, they can thrive leaks.


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Power Steering Pump

The most common place where you’d find a Toyota Camry power steering fluid leak is on the power steering pump. If the seal surrounding the pump shaft is worn out, it might be a source of leaks in your vehicle.

Moreover, the pump itself is another factor that would develop leaks. When the pump generates pressure, it can coincidentally break the casing of the pump. The joint gasket consists of two halves of bolts and if they’re loose or old, they can develop leaks as well.

Steering Gear Housing

The Toyota Camry power steering fluid leak can develop on the steering gear housing. Depending on the power steering system that you’ve on your vehicle, mostly this system is enclosed within the rack housing or the steering gear housing. However, these two can have leaks. If the power assist piston seals are old or worn out, they can easily leak.

Power Steering Hoses

Mostly when you notice a Toyota Camry power steering fluid leak, the first place you’d check is on the power steering hoses. You’ll find the power steering structure has a return hose and a pressure hose. A return hose usually connects the gear box to the reservoir while the pressure hose usually would lead to the power steering pump from the steer box.

In numerous cases, the hoses can manifest into a crack and cause the power steering fluid to leak if the seal or the connection is unattached. This would usher a disconnection between the hoses and the steering system parts.

Steering Rack

One of the most common places where you’d notice a Toyota Camry power steering fluid leak is on every end of the steering rack. If the seals of the rack end are worn out or old, they can start to leak. You’d take time to notice a fluid leak from the rack end seals because it has a rubber boot found on the two ends of the steering rack and they usually trap the fluid. The moment the power steering fluid fills in the boots, this fluid would make the boot to expand and eventually the steering rack would start to leak.

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