How to Replace Power Steering Rack Seals: What You Should Know

Things to Know to Learn How to Replace Power Steering Rack Seals

The pinion and the rack are very important elements in any power steering system. Throughout the rack, you’ll find seals and pinion which will be vital for maintaining the steering power liquid within the machine. If these seals start to wear out, the fluid would leak inside the bellows that would usually surround the two tips of the rack. If you won’t replace the racks, the bellows would continue to balloon with fluid and eventually they’ll suddenly shatter. It’s a demanding task to replace these seals however it’ll be cheaper than replacing the entire pinion and rack. We are going to show you how to replace the power steering rack seals

Unscrew the Wipe Cap from the Pinion

You’d also remove the nut beneath it and here you’ll use a crescent wrench to expose steering shaft. How to replace power steering rack seals by unscrewing the wipe cap from the pinion will be a demanding task. To replace the power steering rack seals, we will have to use the punch tool in separating the rack which would house the pinion. Ensure that you’ll relate the tip of the clip to the additional tip of the pinion. Finally using pliers you’ll detach the seals.


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Restore in the Pinion the Seals

How to replace power steering rack seals from the pinion through replacing in the pinion the seals You’d replace them using matching seals from the seal kit and the rack. If required, you’d use pliers to securely fix every seal to the shaft which is found in the pinion.

Use Priers to Slim and Unbolt Circle Snap Ring of the Hanger on Side Tip of the Rack

You’d jerk out the rack from the hanger-on side tip sheath and you’ll use needle-nose pliers. How to replace the power steering rack seals by prying the thin. Using the needle-nose pliers, you’d use pliers to seal on the hanger-on side out. You’ll propel the driver’s side seal out.

Slide the Fresh Seals

Replace the seals by sliding the fresh seals. You’d slip the fresh seals on the two parts of the rack and you’ll use from the rack matching seals and the pinion seal kit. If required, you’ll use pliers so that you’d fix securely the seals.

Put the Rack to its Original Position Inside the Sheath

How to replace power steering rack seals by inserting the rack to its original position inside the sheath is very helpful. You’d gently apply pressure so that you won’t destroy the sheath. You’ll put onto the hanger on side tip of the rack, the snap ring. You’d also put the pinion into the sheath. You’ll tap it gently using the punch. Moreover, you’ll have to put the snap ring throughout the revealed shaft of the pinion. You’d slip a fresh dust seal onto the pinion from the kit. Using the wrench, you’d screw the nut on the same position onto the shaft of the pinion. Finally, you’ll connect the wipe cap to the tip of the shaft. The items you’d require for this entire task are like hammer, punch tool, needle-nose pliers, crescent wrench, and rack and pinion seal kit. It’s very vital that you should not destroy the inner side of the rack sheath with either of the tools because the machine would collapse and not perform.

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