How To Replace Power Steering Gear Box Seals: Things to Learn

Tips on How To Replace Power Steering Gear Box Seals

Most vehicle owners tend to forget to make replacements on their power steering gear box seals. The gearbox makes the engine of your vehicle function efficiently by preventing leakages that may occur. Therefore, when replacing the gearbox, take caution, if you want your vehicle to run smoothly again. Let’s look at how you can replace your power steering gear box seals safely.

Disconnecting The Vehicle’s Battery To Remove The Power Steering Gear Box

Are you asking yourself on how to replace power steering gear box seals? Well, the first thing that you need to do is disconnecting your vehicle’s positive and negative battery cables. You’ll then need to lift the car to remove its steering gear. There are different ways that you can remove a vehicle’s steering gear; this is dependent on the made of the vehicle. You can inquire from the vehicle’s manufacturers to know it’s made.


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Cleaning And Removing The Gear Box And Its Face Cover

Cleaning the gearbox is another step on how to replace the power steering gear box seals. Here chemical solvents are utilized to remove debris and other materials from the box. To get the perfect replacement, ensure that the face cover is removed, cleaned, and kept for future use. You can reinstall it if you don’t have access to a new sealing shaft.

Removing The Cap Bolts And Prying Its Soft Seal

For a correct gearbox replacement, the cover,housing, and outside location marking with the use of greases pen is essential.This step on how to replace power steering Gear Box Seals requires, your vehicle’s bearing cover held up to four cap bolts, which needs to be removed with the shaft in the housing. While replacing the power steering gearbox seal, you’ll need to cover the housing to avoid contamination. This is especially so when you’re prying the dust seal, through the inner part of seal’s bearing shaft.

Drive The Input Shaft And Remove The O-ring Cap Cover

The next step on replacing the power steering gear box seals is the utilization of a seal driver to drive the input shaft; that ought to be pushed through a bearing center. The seal driver in usage needs to have the hammer and a perfect size socket. In case your vehicle has an O-ring installation kit, then you’ll need to replace it while removing the shaft seal. It’s essential to remove the O-ring with a mental probe screwdriver or a flat blade, during the replacement of power steering gear box seal.

Cleaning, Installation And Testing The Vehicle

When cleaning the input shaft, you’ll need a high quality can solvent; allow the input shaft to dry off before putting a new shaft seal completely. This is the last step in replacing the power steering gear box seal. As you coat shaft seal input utilizing oil, place down the cover face; using the seal driver, install the new shaft seal then reinstall other components.

You’ll need to fill the fluid reservoir of the power steering to its line indicator and reconnect the battery cables. This is done to ensure that you have had an accurate power steering gear box seal replacement. You can start your vehicle, checking to see if there are any leakages underneath. Give your vehicle’s engine time to run to build its power steering system on the hydraulic pressure.

After the vehicle runs for a while, you’ll need to add fluid, and then take it for a test drive to ascertain that the replacement is done successfully. Before commencing on how to replace power steering gear box seals, ensure that you have all the right materials required and a professional.

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