New Power Steering Pump Seal Kit: Fixing an Old With New

Using the New Power Steering Pump Seal Kit

What would you do if you notice you’ve got a power steering fluid. You’ll only have two options. You’d either replace the power steering pump seal kit with the new or repair it. In this article, we’re going to show you how you’d fix your old power steering pump seal kit with the new. First, you’ll have to get the right tools for unbolting. Then you’ll have to buy the power steering pump seal kit and be ready to get to know how to install it. Below we’ll show you how the job is done.

Locating the Power Steering Pump

If you’d like to fix the new power steering pump seal kit, you’ll first have to locate the power steering pump correctly. This would ensure that the construction bears fruits and will also save on your time and money.

Loosen the Bolts

The second step is fixing the pump seal by ensuring to unsecured the bolts. It’d be good that you’ll have a container where you’d place your bolts so that they won’t get lost while fixing the sealants. Ensure that you’ll use the right gadget to loosen all the bolts. Then, make sure that you’ll keep jointly the two pump segments. Most of the time you’d use 10mm bolts to tighten your steering pumps.

Aligning the Pulleys and Fastening the Belts

The third step in fixing your power steering is to ensure that you’ll align the pulleys and fasten the belts. This process might be quite confusing and you’ll have to take it slow so that you’d do the right job. You’ll use a wooden alignment gadget. By using the power steering pulley jerk, you’d put in order the pulleys and you’ll force it to its original position. You’d modify the power steering pulley till it corresponds with the crankshaft pulley. It’s important that you’ll note that if you won’t make alignment on your pulleys, your belts would wear out as fast as possible. To prevent this from happening, you’ll have to fasten the AC accessory belt.

Take out the Supplements from the Power Steering System

If you’d like to fix your power steering pump , you’ll have to remove the supplements from the power steering system. How would you achieve this? First, you’ll have to detach the negative battery coil. Second, you’ll have to take out the power steering belt. Third, you’ll have to detach the power steering force and get back the pump hose.

Separate the Two Segments of the Pump

The fifth step in fixing your power steering pump seal kit is to separate the two segments of your pump. Then you’ll remove the old seals and you’d put brand new sealants on your vehicle. Here, how it’ll be done. Tenderly, remove the aged sealants out using a flat screwdriver. You’ll remove the old sealants gently so that you’d not spoil your steering pump. Take the fresh power steering pump seal kit, unlock it and position the new sealants into their rightful places. Make a comparison between the old and the new sealants so that you’d identify its right position. Ensure that you’ll handle the new sealants carefully so that you won’t spoil them. If you’ll require forcing them to their right positions, use gentle tools since strong tools will spoil them.

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