Power Steering Oil Leak: What To Fix

The Power Steering Oil Leak to be Fixed

If there is a Power Steering Oil Leak, some of the fluid may fall on the floor of the place where the vehicle is being parked. Once the vehicle user has detected the leak, he would like to find out where exactly the leak is taking place so that he can fix it. The power steering system has a large number of components like the steering wheel, pump, hose and steering rack, and the leakage can take place at any point in the system. While in some cases, the leakage is because of some manufacturing or quality issues, in other cases, rough handling of the vehicle, aging and environmental conditions can also result in a leak.

Seals & Gaskets

For many of the older vehicles, the Power Steering Oil Leak takes place at the seals and gaskets in the steering system. Over a period of time, due to high temperatures and other factors, the seals and gaskets in the steering system will become dry, shrink and develop cracks. They will also not fit properly resulting in gaps through which the steering fluid will leak out. Since these gaps will be small, only a small amount of fluid will be leaking at a time. However, this leak is the easiest leak to fix, since there are many stop leak products available which will rejuvenate the rubber seals and gaskets.


The Power Steering Oil Leak also takes place in the hoses and tubes in the power steering system. The hose is made from rubber, so it is more likely to get damaged compared to other parts which are made from metal or plastic. The hose itself may get torn due to an accident or due to pests. Alternately the leak may take place at the point where the hose is getting connected to the metal parts of the steering system at either end. In case of a small leak due to rubber shrinkage, a stop leak product is effective, and for larger tears in the hose the entire hose may have to be replaced.


Since it is used frequently at high pressure, the Power Steering Oil Leak may also take place at the power steering pump. The pump has a shaft, and the leak often takes place where the shaft exits the pump body. The pump has a number of hardware components like nuts, bolts and these components may become loose and fall off due to vibration and other factors. This problem will worsen if the vehicle is driven roughly and used over uneven roads and other surfaces. In these cases it is advisable to fasten the hardware and replace the hardware lost if necessary. If the problem is not fixed, the pump may have to be replaced.

Rack and Pinion

The steering rack is a part of the vehicle which is likely to have a Power Steering Oil Leak because it is located in the lowest part of the car. So it is most exposed to the dirt and grime of the road, or any other surface where the vehicle is being driven.For example on roads which are uneven there may be small stones and pebbles which could hit the steering rack and damage it. The leak is observed at the point where the tie rods are connecting to the steering rack, or where the Pitman arm is attached. Repairing the leak in the steering rack is expensive, since the entire rack has to be replaced.