Power Steering Replacement Seal Kit: What it Does for You

How the Power Steering Replacement Seal Kit Helps

You may have the steering of your car in your hands, but the solution for your steering problems is in our hands. With the help of power steering replacement seal kit, you can control the liquid flow from the steering very easily. So, let’s have a brief look at it.

Its Function

Of course, every part of a vehicle helps to run it. So does the steering. Power steering replacement seal kit is used to keep the fluid inside the steering shaft safe and not let it flow out. The steering seal kits get loose or get damaged by the passage of time. If air is being pulled in, you will see the bubbling outside the reservoir. So, the outside of the reservoir is so soft so the air can be pulled into the system. So, you will see a line of fluid flowing through the steering shaft on the body of your car, which obviously doesn’t look good. So, it’s the time to change your old seal kit.

Get Rid of the Old Seal Kits

When you are done with your old seal kit, go for the new power steering replacement seal kit. Unbolt and unplug the cruise control excavator and set it out of the way. To loosen the power steering playboard, rotate the nuts from left to right. No need to remove the belts, just loosen them. Pop up the plastic plug that is behind the headlight. Now take a 12mm slow socket with a bunch of extensions to make it long. It should be long enough to fit between the headlight and the body, through the hole, under the alternator, and on to the bolt. Now loosen the bolt and take tension off the belt and remove the belt when it is loose enough. Once the belt is removed, you can remove the pully. Place some sheet under the playboard in case of possible fluid flow, reach the seal with a pick and pull it out. Be careful you don’t touch the shaft with the pick as it can cause more damage.

Install the New Seal Kit

Clean the inner part of the shaft. Take a deep socket that is slightly smaller in diameter as compared to the seal. Make sure it passes through the shaft without touching it. The new seal comes with a little bit grease inside it, rub it around the seal and on its inner part. Put the seal inside the shaft and check if it totally fits inside without leaving a gap. Stroke the socket with a hammer slowly until it reaches its destination. Make sure it is straight and don’t be quick as it can damage the shaft. Fix the other parts carefully from the position you had taken them off. The power steering replacement seal kit is fixed properly.

Feel the Difference

The new power steering replacement seal kit does not only help the steering work better but also lets your car clean with its perfect grip that avoids leakage up to 100 percent. So, enjoy the utmost pleasure of the journey and feel the difference.