Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leak: The Problems That Come

Problems That Arise with a Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leak

Like many other leaks, the Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leak often starts as a small leak of the steering fluid. The vehicle owner may notice a small amount of fluid being accumulated on the ground below the vehicle. So in some cases, if the vehicle owner is busy with other activities, he may ignore the problem initially. Only when it becomes difficult to drive the vehicle, the driver will take it to the garage to get it repaired. Often the garage will demand a large amount of money for repairs, hence the vehicle user should be aware of the problems which arise when there is a leakage of the steering fluid.

Steering Problems

One of the main problems caused when there is a Power-Steering Wheel Fluid-Leak is that it becomes difficult to steer the vehicle in the direction desired. The steering fluid is important for the proper functioning of the power steering, and when the fluid levels decrease, the driver will have to apply more force to steer the vehicle in any direction. This makes it dangerous to use the vehicle, especially on mountains and hills. In case there is a small leak the steering problems will not be very obvious initially since the fluid levels will decline gradually, while a major leak will affect the steering immediately.

Steering Fluid

If there is a Power-Steering-Wheel Fluid Leak in any part of the system for power steering, some fluid will leak out and fall on the road , floor of garage or ground. This fluid will be wasted, and the vehicle user will have to replace the fluid which is lost so that he can continue to use the vehicle. Hence it is advisable to get the leak fixed at the earliest, because the vehicle user will have to waste money purchasing steering fluid to replace the fluid which is being lost. While most vehicle users will fix major leaks soon after they are noticed, even small leaks should not be neglected.


Many users will notice the Power-Steering-Wheel Fluid-Leak only if their vehicle starts making some kind of noise. The vehicles are designed so that they make very less noise when in perfect condition, and if there is a noise, it is an indication that there is something wrong in the system. When the steering fluid is lost due to leakage, the components of the steering system will hit each other causing a noise since there is no fluid to separate them. This noise should also not be ignored because the components will get damaged or lose because of the friction, heat due when they hit against each other.

Pump Rack Replacement

A major reason why the Power-Steering Wheel-Fluid Leak should never be ignored by the vehicle user, is because it can become very expensive to repair the vehicle, if the fluid leak has continued for some time. Once the steering fluid is lost, the steering pump will quickly get damaged, and it will be difficult to use the vehicle. The rack and pinion system in the vehicle will also get damaged, and will have to be replaced. It is fairly expensive to replace the steering pump, rack and pinion after considering labor expenses, and component cost for the rack.