Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit: What it Can Help You With

Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit Helps Fix Fluid Leakage

Many Toyota vehicle users who are facing a problem of steering fluid leakage are told that a Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit can help them fix the problem quickly and at a low cost. These vehicle users are aware that if the leakage of the steering fluid is not fixed immediately, it can lead to major problems and expensive repairs. For example if all the steering fluid is drained, the pump in the power steering and the rack and pinion will also have to be replaced in most cases. Hence they are interested in finding a permanent solution to the fluid leakage problem at a low cost.

Seal Kit Components

The Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit components will vary depending on the model number of the vehicle. The kit will consist of a number of seals which can be used to replace the existing seals in the vehicle. The seal kit manufacturer will usually provide detailed information on the various seals which are supplied in the kit, for which component each seal has to be used. Usually only one or a few of the seals in the steering box will leak at a time. Hence only the leaking seal should be replaced, while the other seals should be stored carefully, so that they can be easily retrieved at a later date.

Price of the Kit

The price of the Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit depends to a great extent on the number of seals in the kit. It also depends on the Toyota model number with high end luxury vehicles having better quality seals which will be more expensive to replace. Based on how and where the vehicle is being used, some seals are likely to get damaged faster. Hence there are some seal kits, which have only a few replacement seals, and these are less expensive. On the other hand, there are complete seal kits, which have replacement seals for all the seals in the vehicle and these are likely to be more expensive.

Using seal kit

The Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit will be effective for fixing the leak, only if the leaking or damaged seal is correctly identified. So first it is advisable to closely inspect the steering box closely to check the exact point at which the fluid is leaking. After this the damaged seal should be removed carefully so that all the hardware and other parts are not misplaced. The damaged seal should be then be replaced by a new seal from the seal kit purchased, after ensuring that it is a proper match. Depending on the repair skills of the vehicle user, he can do it himself or hire a mechanic.


There are many advantages of using a Toyota Power Steering Box Seal Kit for repairing damaged seals. One of the main advantages is that the cost of the seal kit with a number of seals, is usually far less than the cost of purchasing a number of replacement seals separately. If a seal is damaged, instead of using a stop leak product to rejuvenate and fix the leak, it is cheaper, to use a high quality replacement seal. The replacement seals in the seal kit have been developed after extensive research, and are like new seals, blocking any fluid leakage completely.