Cost to Fix Power Steering Fluid Leak: What you Should Know

What to Know about the Cost to Fix Power Steering Fluid Leak

Power steering is one of the best features of your car. It helps with handling so that you can turn those corners with a greater degree of accuracy and with a smoother, safer and more comfortable drive. If you notice that your car is suddenly performing at a reduced rate than normal. You could have a cheap and easy solution to your solution. We are going to inform you of the real cost to fix power steering fluid leak so that you can’t be fooled out of your money!


Wear and tear. An unfortunate side effect of using your car is that things wear down, when this happens it can leave you at a disadvantage with the cost being a lower performance, a heightened risk due to the handling of your vehicle being worse than usual and a tough spot which could cost you money at the local dealership or garage. Luckily, the cost to fix power steering fluid leaks could be much lower than you first thought!

Spot the Problem

It is always advantageous to check the fluids in your car periodically, but at times, people can get lazy. If you hear a whining noise when you use your steering, it could be the first sign that your fluid is getting low, there could be a leak. Power steering operates on a closed-loop system, this means that a low fluid whine means there could be a leak. Checking the underside of your bonnet could reveal one of several places where a leak is likely to occur (most likely at seal locations). But how much does it cost to fix power steering fluid leak?

Cost to Repair

The cost to fix power steering fluid leaks could vary depending on the damaged location and the time taken to realise the problem. Taking your car to a dealership or garage will almost always have a high cost but if the problem is found quickly and the source of the leak. If the leak is found at the steering rack, for example, it could only cost a few pounds to repair by using a simple sealant, however, if it is in an awkward or hard to reach location, it may cost much more and require specialised tools to reach and repair. The biggest cost will be labour in this situation so it’s best to check with your local garage for a quote, budget for around one to two hours of labour for this repair. This can vary depending on the garage so check prices before committing!


Preventing leaks before they happen is the best way to minimise the cost to fix power steering fluid leaks. Doing this is a simple maintenance routine will help to prevent leaks before they occur and for a low price! Simply add sealant to the pump when also refilling the oil and wiper fluid etc and you will have increased longevity to your power steering loop. Keeping up with recommended quick and easy routines could help you save a great amount of money in the long term. Your car and your wallet will love you!