Fix Leaking Power Steering Fluid: Steps to Take

Things to Do to Fix Leaking Power Steering Fluid


Power Steering is one of the most crucial driving components. Whether you want to to keep moving straight on the road or taking curves and turns on those curvy roads, excellent power steering skills is all that we need. Just as the superior-quality engine oil is required for the smooth and proper performance of the engine, Power steering fluid is also vital for safe driving. Sometimes, situations may arise in which power steering fluid leaks. Hence, it is essential to know about the consequences and how to fix leaking power steering fluid.

Impact Of Power Steering Leakage

In case of any leakage or absence of power steering fluid, power steering will fail. It may further lead to some disastrous situations like inability to control the car at higher speeds, not able to turn the vehicle with the required force, etc. Hence, it is important to fix leaking power steering fluid.

What Causes Leakage In Power Steering Fluid?

As the car gets aged, it’s a performance also goes down. The seals and the O-rings start losing their mass form. This situation also arises when a car had reached its maximum mileage. These seals get so weak that they break up into smaller pieces and gets circulated in the power steering fluid. Due to this, these vital parts are not able to do their functioning correctly and finally, the power steering fluid. If you’re planning to fix leaking power steering fluid from your local car mechanic, then, here’s bad news, These seals cannot be replaced like other car components.

What Makes A Power Steering Leak So Bad?

This is an excellent question to ask about the power steering leak. The answer to this question lies in the working and functioning of the car before the leakage had started. When there is no leakage of power steering fluid, the power steering fluid easily gets pressurized by the pump. At this point, this pressurized does its best to turn the wheels by pushing those pistons which were mounted on the rack. In the incidence of any leakage of the power steering fluid, the fluid loses its effectiveness. In this scenario, there will not be enough fluid left to be pressured by the pump leading to a lot of difficulty in performing the power steering tasks. Hence, it is imperative to fix leaking power steering fluid as soon as possible.

How To Fix Leaking Power Steering Fluid?

Things due to the leakage of power steering fluid can get worse at any time. Below are some easy-to-follow steps which can be followed to fix leaking power steering fluid right in your garage:
• Park your vehicle in a safe place

Before fixing up your car, park your vehicle in a safe, dry place. The ideal location would be a garage. You can even use a ramp or an inclined surface. In addition to this, you can use a jack stand for more stability.
• Finding the power steering pump

You can find the fluid reservoir and the power steering pump near the bottom of the steering column and the engine bay. Just give a thorough check if the fluid is leaking or not. To find the location of the fluid leakage, place a paper on the floor

• Replacing the damaged Hoses

You can easily replace the cracked hoses with the new one. Just loosen the hose clamps at the component and replace the old tubes.

• Examining the seals of the steering column

Another possibility from where the power steering fluid may be leaking is through the rubber seals of the steering column., check it and replace if you find any leakage.