Power Steering Pump Leaking Fluid: How to Stop It?

How to Stop Power Steering Pump Leaking Fluid


The power steering in the car has made steering of the car very easy. A decade ago the cars did not have power steering which made it hard for the driver to control the steering wheel on turns and curves, as it used to be a bit bulky, so more power was used to maneuver the car. With the advancement of auto technology, power steering was introduced. Now, fluid or oil is used in the steering of the car. This has made a significant impact on the handling of the car as it has become more light and maneuverable. A power steering pump leaking the fluid is a dangerous situation as the power steering could fail because of it, which can lead to an unsafe driving situation and even end in a car crash.  The steering oil flows from the oil tank through the oil hoses to the steering pump and subsequently to the steering gear. So, the fluid can leak from anywhere of these parts.

Leak Causes

There are a few reasons for the power steering pump leaking fluid.

Damaged Hoses: The hoses which carry the fluid might be damaged.

Old or Degraded Seals: There are seals which restrict any leakage from the car parts. They can get degraded with time.

Rack and Pinion Leak: It is a component of the frame of the steering wheel, which might develop cuts over the years due to its weight.

Wear and Tear of Steering Pump: The main pump which is responsible for the steering of the car may also get worn out or may even develop a crack.

How to Stop the Leak?

Firstly, you should regularly check the fluid level of your car. That way, you can immediately detect any abnormality and save yourself from any miss happening.
For stopping your power steering pump leaking fluid, you can get a stop leak agent. It is also a fluid which restricts and seals the leakage of the oil from the car. Power steering stop leak is an effective way to stop the leak.

The Stop Leak Agent Does the Following:

Revitalises the seals, rubber and the O-rings of the steering frame. It strengthens them. It also restricts the power steering oil from getting oxidised. It extends the durability of the components. Also, if you detect any fault in the gasket then, use a gasket sealant.  But, if you see that the leak is very severe and beyond any repair then, it is always better to change the defective part. As there are chances that the defective component might break again or give you some other sort of problem. Take your car to the mechanic and get the faulty component fixed.

How Much Stop Leak Agent Is To Be Used?

It is very important to know the quantity of the stop leak agent to be added. You should pour the stop leak agent in the steering oil tank of the car until you get the prescribed level of fluid in your car’s oil reservoir.
Also, refilling the power steering oil with the authentic fluid is very important.