Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak: What to DO

How to Deal with a Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak

Chevrolet is one of the most reputed manufacturers of vehicles in the United States, so many vehicle owners are facing the problem of Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak. In this leak, the steering fluid which is used in the power steering appears to be leaking. After inspecting the vehicle, the user finds that the leak is taking place at the pump in the power steering system. Since the leak will make it difficult to use the Chevrolet vehicle, the user would like to find out what is the exact cause of the leak, so that he can fix it at the earliest.


There pump used in the power steering has a number of components so the reason for the Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak differs for each vehicle. Due to vibration or other reasons, the hardware in the pump may become lose or in some cases fall off. In other cases wear and tear of the hardware due to friction can affect its performance. Often due to heat, in older vehicles, the rubber seals and other parts may shrink, and develop cracks resulting in leakage. There may be a problem in the connection of the hose to the pump, causing leakages of the steering fluid.


One of the easiest ways to fix the Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak is by examining the hardware of the pump. Like most other auto parts, the pump has a number of nuts, bolts, and other components. If the vehicle is used for many years, or driven over uneven surfaces, these nuts and bolts will become lose. In a few cases, they may even fall off, resulting in leakage of fluid. Hence it is important to examine the pump carefully, to find out if any component is lose. They can be tightened again. In cases any part is missing, a replacement part can be used.

Stop Leak Product

Another inexpensive way to stop the Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak is by using a stop leak product. Due to aging and heat, the seals, gaskets and other rubber parts of the pump may have shrunk, become dry and cracks may also be formed. The stop leak product is an additive which should be added to the reservoir for power steering to revive the rubber parts which have shrunk and become dry and retain their original shape. Please note that the stop-leak product should be selected so that it is compatible with the Chevy vehicle model which is being used since each vehicle has a different design. Most sellers will specify the vehicles for which the stop-leak product can be used.

Other Options

Usually if a stop leak additive is used for Chevy Power Steering Pump Leak, it will take a few days to act on the parts of the vehicle. While it is an inexpensive way to end the leak, it may not work for all vehicles, since the leak may be due to some other problem. Hence it is advisable for the vehicle owner to take the Chevy vehicle to a garage, which has specialized diagnostic equipment. Though a diagnostic test on the power steering may be expensive, it will help to pinpoint the exact problem in the power steering, so that it can be fixed quickly.