Buick Power Steering Torque Sensor: What to do with this

What is the Use of a Buick Power Steering Torque Sensor

The Function of the Torque Sensor:

The function of the Buick power steering torque sensor is that the usually sits properly on the steering pinion. On the input shaft, there is a pole wheel that is attached that helps to connect to the steering pinion by the help of the torsion bar. The torsion bar rotates in all directions when the driver uses the torque to the steering wheel. There are magneto resistant elements present on the sensors that change its resistance as the direction of the field changes.

Analysis tips for Buick Power Steering Torque Sensor:

The tips for Buick power steering torque sensors that how it should be used and get the benefit from it are as follows: the warning light of the steering will clarify the light check cycle. During limited assist operation, this steering warning light won’t light up. The system will change into protection mode if the steering wheel is kept in one position for a longer period.  Though power steering hoses and liquid were eliminated, there are in any way going to be other components that break down over time.

Solutions of the Problems of the Breakdown of the Steering Wheel:

Few of the problems and its solutions of the break down are such:
• Heavy steering: the Buick power steering torque sensors must be checked along with the speed sensors, powers steering ECU, the motor of the power steering.
• Steering that is not even among each other: the calibration of the torque sensors must be checked carefully along with the power steering motor, power steering ECU or the alignment of the wheel.
• While driving, the steering effort does not change or decrease. For that, the torque sensors must be checked properly.
• Check the noise or vibration that you can feel in the steering wheel, for such noise check the power steering gear along with the steering column.
• Knocking when turning steering wheel: for this check the ball joint and steering intermediate shaft.

Torque Sensor Testing

Check the Buick power steering sensor torque properly. If there is any fault, change the steering gear and linkage. Check the steering wheel properly whether it is loose or perfect for use. for checking its looseness, you should move the steering wheel towards the shaft side and check it in all the directions. You should replace the steering shaft if you find any malfunction to any part of the shaft.

A Proper Check on the Steering Shaft:

• Inspect the column bearing for excessive play and damage.
• Examine the part for the damage or excessive play.
• Check the measurements that are within the range specified. The steering shaft component must immediately be replaced if the specification mentioned is not proper. Specifications must be 508.5 mm {20.02 in}
• See for the tilt lever that it helps to move properly to the unlock position.
• Check for the steering shaft that is fixed properly when the tilt level is locked out
• You must replace the sheering shaft if you find any damage in it.