Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor: What this Does?

What the Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor Does

Ever wondered how your arms can move the wheel of your car so easily with a steering applying almost no considerable force? Have you ever thought that how a person can control a moving vehicle’s direction just by rotating a steering wheel? Well, we all know that’s possible because of Power steering but there are components in it that helps it achieve its seamless movement. One of those parts is Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor and you should definitely know about it.

How a Power Steering works?

Gone are those old days when moving a steering wheel was only a strong man’s cup of tea. These days driving a car has become a considerably easy task and power steering is one of those advancements to be thanked! And believe me, it’s not that difficult to understand how it works. In older non Power Steering mechanisms the wheel is connected to the steering with gears and shafts and since all the effort to move the steering is on the driver, it took a considerable amount of force to rotate the steering wheel. Introduction of Power Steering changed the game! In Power Steering, the movement of the steering to the shaft is assisted by an electric motor that can rotate either side and it provides the necessary torque required to rotate the wheel in order to make the power steering rotation lighter and easier. The torque to be applied is decided by the torque sensor.

How Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor works?

A Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor is part of a power steering wheel mechanism and it makes sure that the right amount of torque goes into the wheel. It calculates how much force is applied by the driver, how much the steering wheel has been rotated, how much the wheel should be rotated. All these things are managed by the Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor.

How Does it Do it?

A torque sensor controls the torque applied to the wheel by controlling the voltage of current that is to be sent to the motor. As it is clear that more the voltage into the motor, faster it moves. So it is necessary that the correct voltage is sent into the motor and the correct torque is applied. This not only makes the driving experience of the driver more convenient and better, but also makes it safer. If the wrong amount of torque is applied to the wheels, then the wheels may rotate in a non-intended manner and may cause some serious trouble to the driver. Hence Chrysler Power Steering Torque Sensor makes sure that you are safe.

Why You Should Care?

The torque sensor is one of those advancements, that have made the modern cars more and more easier to drive and has made an older belief obsolete that “Driving is not an easy task and should be done by professionals” because surely it is now easier. Don’t you think the same?