Land Rover Power Steering Torque Sensor: What it Does for You

The Land Rover Power Steering Torque Sensor Has a Big Job

One of the key and integral elements to the function of a vehicle is its power steering system. With the power steering system you are able to drive normally by today’s standards. The Land Rover power steering torque sensor makes that possible by sending the signals over to the power steering system. These signals are from you the driver when you turn the steering wheel, this is the torque that it measures. It’s important to have this piece of equipment still working of course. We’ll go over some of the key things to keep in mind.

How Does it Work

The Land Rover power steering torque sensor works via electrical impulse signals sent to the power steering system. These electrical signals are measured by taking into consideration the torque applied when the driver turns the steering wheel, this is then passed through the sensors via its pins and then it can send those correct signals which will tell the power steering system the amount of assistance to apply to help the driver turn that wheel. Without this in place the driver will have a difficult time turning the steering wheel.

What it if Goes Bad

If the Land Rover power steering torque sensor decides to not want to do its job anymore. This is where things get a bit hairy. Without a sensor that is working properly your power steering is going to have a difficult time determining the correct amount of torque to apply to the wheels when steering. This is a recipe for some bad stuff. Definitely make sure that the power steering torque sensor is in a good condition so that you aren’t having any issues down the line. This is a problem best settled immediately and not sitting on it.

How to Fix It

In order to fix a torque sensor that isn’t working anymore is as simple as replacing it. Just buy a new part and either do the replacing yourself or see if anyone who knows what they’re doing can do it for you. You want to make sure that it is someone well versed because putting it incorrectly can also cause issues. It may not install properly and fall out or just plainly not work at all. You definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing something that just won’t work anyway.

Important Things to Know

A few other things to know about the Land Rover power steering torque sensor is that they normally don’t wear out that often. They are built to withstand some intense stuff and also extreme heat or cold. That being said, there are times when it does go out like anything in a car. It’s during this time that action needs to be taken and you want to get ahead of it before it turns into a bigger problem. The torque sensor doesn’t get the recognition it deserves maybe but it definitely is an integral part to the driving experience.