Oldsmobile Power Steering Torque Sensor: What is It?

The Oldsmobile Power Steering Torque Sensor and You

If you want to get to know what’s in your Oldsmobile, well there are many different things. There are the obvious things that you know and expect, an engine, wheels, a clutch, and so many more. But there is one thing that some people either don’t know at all, or completely forget. That something is the Oldsmobile power steering torque sensor. This little sensor is the little device that helps the power steering system work in your car. What the power steering does, is it gives you assistance to actually maneuver and steer your vehicle.

What Does the Sensor Do

Okay so we talked about what power steering does. Now let’s talk about how the Oldsmobile power steering torque sensor actually fits into all of this. So what the sensor does is that it measures and takes in how much torque you applied to the steering wheel when you actually steer it in some direction. This sensor then takes that measurement and applies it to the power steering system. How does it do it you may be wondering? Well that’s all thanks to the wonders of magnetic and electrical signals. See what happens when you turn your wheel is that torque is sent down via electric signals that passes through the pins that are in the torque sensor, then that sends it out into the power steering so that you may have a correctly measured and matching torque to help you steer.

How to Fix One

Like most things in a car or truck, sometimes things just tend to not work anymore. The sensor isn’t really one of those things that needs a lot of attention paid to it like engine oil or brakes, but a power steering system that isn’t working properly is something to take care of immediately. This isn’t something that should be left alone. An Oldsmobile power steering torque sensor that isn’t working properly is a reason to go get your car looked at and fixed up. The best way to fix a faulty torque sensor is just to outright replace it. Get a brand new one and change out the old one that isn’t working anymore. This is the best course of action when it comes to a smaller part like this. It’s just not worth the work and time that would take to even try to find what happened to the sensor and then repair it. You may just encounter the same issue later on too.

It’s important to remember that with an Oldsmobile power steering torque sensor, you are dealing with the brain of the power steering system. This is the measuring device for the power steering. It’s definitely not one of those common issue things that some cars will have. But it is one of those things that needs the attention immediately when it needs it. That goes for anything car related too. Make sure to tackle any repairs as needed as soon as possible.