Pontiac Power Steering Torque Sensor: What This Does

What the Pontiac Power Steering Torque Sensor Does for You

You ever wondered what’s in that Pontiac you’re driving. There’s so many working parts in cars and trucks that sometimes it’s possible to lose track what’s there helping you out. There’s the engine, the brakes, the wipers, the air conditioner, the radiator, and so much more. There is also the power steering which is helped by the Pontiac power steering torque sensor. What the torque sensor does is that it sends down the torque you applied on your steering wheel to the power steering system so that you’re able to steer your Pontiac easily.

What the Torque Sensor Does

So we briefly touched on what this Pontiac power steering torque sensor does. It’s basic function is being the brains of the power steering system to an extent. Without the information the power steering torque sensor feeds to the power steering system, it can’t determine exactly how much torque to apply to the wheels below. This will make it harder for you. The other thing to be mindful is if it decides to stop working. Be on the lookout for stuff like this because if there is something wrong then that means it’s time to get it working again.

How to Fix if Broken

If the Pontiac power steering torque sensor that you have is not working properly then it’s time to get that replaced. It’s better to get a new one and replace it fully than to attempt to fix it. It just won’t make sense in the long run. You want to make sure you get a torque sensor that is in full working order and nothing that is half working. It just won’t be worth the effort put in to try and fix the torque sensor you have that’s not working as opposed to just getting a new one. With a new torque sensor, you’ll be able to get that power steering system in good working order again as it should be. What’s more, you’ll be able to steer properly again since the correct information is being sent to that power steering system.

How Does the Sensor Work

The Pontiac power steering torque sensor works in a simple, and yet also complicated way. We say simple because the way we explain it sounds simple, but the engineering that went into it is actually quite remarkable. When you steer your wheel, that force you put onto your wheel is the torque. With electrical impulses, that torque is sent down to the sensor that measures it out and through the pins inside of it, sends that information to your power steering system. The power steering then activates and assists you with the steering.

The Impacts of the Sensor

Thanks to these sensors, people have been able to drive safely on the road when back in the day when you had to steer a car without power steering, you had to put in a good amount of strength. Because of the number of cars and trucks on the road it is great that there is something making it safer to maneuver cars.