Ram Power Steering Torque Sensor: What Does it Do

How the Ram Power Steering Torque Sensor Works

When you have a car or truck, it’s worth thinking about how everything you have is working together to bring you this vehicle that is able to take you from point A to point B. The Ram power steering torque sensor is one of those pieces that are in there that at times gets forgotten really easily. What the torque sensor does is that it handles the operation of measuring the amount of torque the power steering applies to the wheel to assist in the steering, hence the name power steering.

How Does it Work

The Ram power steering torque sensor works by using electrical signals from the steering wheel down to the power steering system. Let’s explain that a little better. When you use your steering wheel in your truck, then what happens is that very force that is called torque, gets measured out in the torque sensor, this measurement is then applied to the power steering via the electrical pins in the sensor, it then sends out those pulses and the power steering understands how much torque to apply to the wheels in order to help you get that steering going. Without this, you may feel that the steering gets a bit rough and you’ll be having a hard time in general. It just isn’t a fun time. Pay attention to how your steering is feeling. This may be an indicator that something is going on with the sensor.

What if it’s Faulty

If you have a Ram power steering torque sensor that is not working as properly as it maybe should, like we said above, you may feel that the steering is getting a bit harder to do. What we mean by that is that it will actually be rougher. This is because the power steering can’t give you the help that it’s supposed to since it is unable to correctly measure out what needs to be done in order to give you that assistance. It’s always recommended that you quickly replace a torque sensor that is not acting as best as it should.

Replacing the Torque Sensor

If the Ram power steering torque sensor that you have in your truck is not working properly, then it is time to get it replaced. Replacing the torque sensor is actually not a complicated process. It is less complicated than trying to get your old one repaired. That really is not worth the trouble at all. Replacing your torque sensor if it’s not working to the best of it’s ability is always worth it and the safest thing to do. Make sure you take it to a mechanic or someone you trust that knows what they’re doing. Incorrectly installed torque sensors can also give you issues. It’ll be as bad as if you never replaced it in the first place. Once you get that new one installed, it’ll all be doing better and your power steering will be back to normal.