Renault Power Steering Torque Sensor: What Does it Do

The Renault Power Steering Torque Sensor and You

When you have a car, there are many working parts all working together so that you are able to have a nice and peaceful drive. The Renault power steering torque sensor is one of those parts that are a key component of your car. This part does a lot of the measuring and signaling to the power steering system so that you are able to have an easy time steering your Renault. Without this the power steering system won’t work correctly and there will be difficult times ahead for your driving.

How Does it Stop Working

Like many thing when it comes to cars, the Renault power steering torque sensor can stop working for a couple reasons. It’s possible that a bad bump or some extreme weather condition may have made it go bad. These sensors are built tough with all of these things in mind though so it may be a rare occurrence if this were to happen. Regardless there is something to keep in mind if you ever notice something a little weird going on with the power steering. It just may be that the torque sensor is not having a good time and acting a bit faulty.

How Does it Work

The Renault power steering torque sensor works by measuring the amount of torque the driver applies when steering the vehicle. This torque measurement is taken in by the sensor, and then channeled over to the power steering system using electrical signals. The electrical signals travel through the part’s pins that are inside. This is quite an impressive piece of technology if you think about it. This also happens every time you move the steering wheel. Power steering is there to help you drive easier and safer.

How to Fix a Broken Sensor

When you have a Renault power steering torque sensor that may not be working as well as it should, then it’s time to fix that whole situation. What you want to do in order to fix this issue is replace the broken sensor. This sensor is a key part of your power steering system, so it’s always advisable to get it fixed and going as soon as you can. The replacement is not a complicated process by no means so it is ideal really to get it done quickly. Any mechanic should be able to handle this task.


In the end, the Renault power steering torque sensor should be a part that gets talked about more, but it does not. Some people don’t even know it exists. But it’s there and it is a key part to how you drive and how the car works fully. A torque sensor that isn’t working is bound to give issues in the short and long run so don’t let a broken one go on for too long. Get a new torque sensor and get that old one replaced when you can. Once you do you’ll have that power steering back to normal.