Land Rover Power Steering Pump Kits: How They Help

What the Land Rover Power Steering Pump Kits Do

When you have a Land Rover, you have expectations when it comes to things working well. That’s why you bought one! We’re here to tell you the benefits of the Land Rover power steering pump kits. What these pump kits do is make sure that the power steering system in place is getting the required force that it needs from this pump in order for it to actually work. What we mean by that is that the power steering needs the measured torque to actually go through in order for those wheels connected to the road actually turn well. Without these pumps, that power steering may not even work at all.

How It Works

The way the Land Rover power steering pump kits work is you have the steering wheel, and then when the driver turns that steering wheel, the torque used to turn that wheel helps with the torque sensor below to read how much of that torque was used. This all happens in real time. Once that torque gets measured out by the sensor below, the pump then reads that measurement and sends down the fluid that will push that force into the power steering. This is what helps the power steering know exactly how much to exert out so that the wheels actually turn.

What if It’s Not Working

If the Land Rover power steering pump kits aren’t working exactly, then what the driver will notice is considerable differences to how the steering wheel is acting. First thing that will be noticeable is how hard the steering wheel has become. The steering wheel will be hard to turn and won’t be as responsive as it was with a power steering that works well. The difference will be noticeable. It will feel like you are turning a huge piece of metal. The other thing that can happen and is the worst event would be that the steering will lock up completely. That means no steering at all. This is when things get a bit scary and requires getting the car towed as soon as possible. If anything feels off about a steering wheel, that is a decent sign that it is time to get the power steering checked out among other things to make sure it is something that can get fixed.

How to Fix a Pump

In order to fix Land Rover power steering pump kits that may not be working well, what the mechanic or person who is doing the repair is going to want to do is properly replace the pump itself. Getting a new power steering pump is ideal in this situation because it’ll be a new one that won’t come with problems that the old one may have had. Imagine repairing an old pump that becomes faulty again. That will be a frustrating sequence of events. To fix the pump, just removing the old one and replacing it with a new pump kit is ideal, especially changing out the old hose that the old pump had.