BMW Power Steering Belt Replacement: What Happens When You Do One

What Happens in a BMW Power Steering Belt Replacement

When you need to do a BMW power steering belt replacement, that usually is because of what is occurring with the power steering system. A power steering system that needs a belt replacement is a critical and crucial fix since the belt is what makes sure that a lot of these systems in place are actually going well. The replacement itself should not cost too much so it is not something that will break the bank as opposed to what would happen if you let it keep going. This can cause a lot of issues for the vehicle if a bad belt is not replaced.

How it Happens

In order to get a BMW power steering belt replacement done, you probably want to know what exactly happens. What goes on is that the belt itself is removed from the entire system. If the old belt is attached with bolts, then those bolts are loosened up and taken off so that the old belt can come off easily. Once that old belt is off, then it is time to get the new belt in. Whoever is doing the repair should make sure that the new belt is actually one that fits the car model. A misplaced or mismatched power steering belt is another problem altogether that you want to avoid. Once the new belt is on there, it’s a good practice to make sure that it spins easily and that everything fits well into place. Get everything back on there and together before turning on the car and making sure all works well.


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What if You Don’t Do the BMW Power Steering Belt Replacement

If you have a power steering bet that needs replacement and you have not done so, then there are a few troubles that can arise from not doing it. One of the first and most obvious issues that can come up is that the power steering pump won’t be able to do its job. This is what sends down the torque to the rest of the power steering system so that the wheels know where to turn in order to assist the driver. If the belt that helps it do that is not working, then there is no power steering. That is just the light stuff. It can get as bad as affecting the engine as well if the snap is bad enough. It is also possible to affect the air conditioning system too.

How Much Will It Cost

A BMW power steering belt replacement can cost up to $200. This is of course depending on the belt that is used to replace the old one, and the cost of labor wherever you get it done. Different places can charge depending on location and average price of that type of repair in the area. You may also notice that more local mechanics can work with you as opposed to name brand car repair shops when it comes to prices.