Dodge Power Steering Belt Replacement: When to Do It

When to do a Dodge Power Steering Belt Replacement

If you have never replaced the power steering belt in your Dodge, then it’s possible that you may need to get one done. You won’t know for sure until you actually go and check out how the belt is doing. Over time these belts can get worn down with enough wear and tear. Doing a Dodge power steering belt replacement is highly recommended when the belt itself looks like it needs one. Not getting a replacement done when your vehicle needs it is asking for trouble to your power steering system.

 What Happens if You Do Not Do One

If you don’t do a Dodge power steering belt replacement when your car is in need of it, this can directly affect how you drive. The way this happens is that if the power steering belt were to come off by snapping or sliding off where it is supposed to be, then the power steering pump will be unable to work. What the power steering pump does is that it sends out the power steering fluid that the system needs in order to use that torque to push the wheels in the direction the driver wants to go. If a power steering belt were to come off then the vehicle loses that ability to do this. That will cause the driver to have to either steer the wheel with their own strength, or it may even cause the steering wheel to completely stop working.


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How the Dodge Power Steering Belt Replacement Happens

When taking your Dodge vehicle in to replace the power steering belt, let’s go over what exactly will happen. The mechanic that you take the car to will have to begin by removing all the bolts that are holding the old belt in place. Once these bolts are off, then that belt can get removed. It is a good idea to also flush out any old power steering fluid that is in the system so that you may get a fresh new batch with your new belt. Once the belt is removed, usually it is discarded. An old cracked belt has no use anymore. Work can then begin on putting in the new belt. Once the new belt is put in, then the bolts get put back in order to secure it in place. It’s a good idea to make sure everything moves smoothly and nothing is misaligned.

How Power Steering Helps

Power steering is a majorly important part of how a vehicle works. This is how it is possible for a driver to steer their vehicle comfortably. Without this power steering, then as we mentioned above, it will be like the times before power steering came standard on vehicles. Drivers will have to push and pull the weight of the wheels by their own strengths. Power steering helps the driver with this so that they are not left to do so on their own. So keep that power steering in good condition.