Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leak: A Fix For It

A Fix for Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leaks

What is power steering wheel fluid leak? This is a leak that occurs inside your car’s power steering wheel system. Whenever you have the power steering wheel fluid leak, as you lose more fluid, you lose more power. You will know because your car’s handling will begin to feel off. As the power steering wheel fails, you will notice that you need more force to turn your vehicle. You will also struggle to maintain the car on a straight line. You will also hear a siren-like noise from the pump as it runs low. Your steering wheel may also whine or screech as you turn it. If your steering fails, your car will be unsafe to drive, and it may even cause entirely preventable crashes.

So What Are The Causes Of Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leaks?

The main culprit for power steering wheel fluid leaks is damage due to wear and tear. As your car racks up mileage and grows older, the O-rings and seals lose form and mass. The seal may also break up into small particles that swirl in the fluid. These components can no longer perform their functions properly, and your power-steering fluid will seep out. You can’t merely swap these rings and seals for new ones.


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There is Still More Work You Need to Do.

Where Do I Need To Look To Find Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leak
Power steering wheel fluid can leak from various places within the steering system. These are four areas that you need to inspect.

• Power Steering Pump.
The car engine usually drives the steering pump. When the seals of this pump come into contact with dirty fluid, they become damaged. They also wear due to age.

• Power Steering Gear.
The steering rack usually has seals. If these seals break, you lose Power Steering Wheel fluid.

• Power Steering Cooler
Some Power Steering systems have coolers that bring additional pipes which can burst or break. Because these coolers are mounted on the front of the car, damage can happen to them.

• Power Steering Hoses
These are high-pressure pipes that run from the steering rack to the pump. These can create problems, especially when they press against metal fittings.

What Should I Do After I Detect A Fluid Leak?

Once you confirm that your car has the power steering wheel fluid leak, we suggest you stop driving your vehicle immediately and call a professional car mechanic to come and look at it. The mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of your steering system and give you a report on the nature of the leak, the required repairs and the cost.

How Do I Prevent Future Power Steering Wheel Fluid Leaks?

If you want to prevent your car from experiencing power steering wheel fluid, we have suggestions on what to do. Always test your steering wheel by listening to it as you drive. You will notice power steering problems at lower speeds. Ensure you regularly clean your steering fluid lines, rack and reservoir. Always check to see that your steering fluid level matches the car manufacturer’s requirements. Ordinarily, your steering wheel system does not need servicing, but regular checks will help prevent leak problems.