My rack is only leaking from one end. Can I buy just the end shaft seal?
You’ll need the whole kit as you will have to disassemble the rack to get the bad seal out.

I was rebuilding my rack and damaged a seal. Can I get a replacement or do I have to buy another whole kit?
I can supply a single seal in this case. Single replacement seals are $14.95 each plus shipping. Please email me a picture of the seal (original or damaged), year/make/model of your car, and where it was located in the rack.

Can I rebuild my rack or pump myself?
The answer is really up to you. We recommend professional installation. But, if you are comfortable working on your own car, familiar with tools, you may be able to do it yourself. There are a number of ‘how-tos’ on the internet. A good one is located at KLA Industries. Click here. Remember, we did not write this tutorial and are not responsible for it’s content.

What’s included in the kit?
The kit has seals, o-rings, wear components, and may include special fasteners and hose clamps depending on the kit. All kit components are of the same or higher quality than OEM.

Do you have the end boots also?
Yes, I can source the end boots for most makes/models. Please contact me for pricing as it does vary by car make/model.

How do you ship?
Since most of our kits are shipped free in the continental US, the kit will go via USPS First Class mail. If you are an international customer, the kit will ship via Fedex, USPS Priority International, or UPS Worldwide Expedited.

Do you provide instructions for the torque sensor installation?
We recommend using the OEM installation instructions. Please do not use internet videos or forums as these may leave out details that could cause the sensor to be damaged upon installation.

I purchased a torque sensor and installed it, but it’s not working.  What do I do?
These sensors are OE parts produced in the OE factory and have a specific installation procedure. They are all tested and aligned at time of production.  More times than not, they’ll need calibrating with the OEM scan tool.  There are a number of things that can go wrong with the electric steering systems.  The problem may not be the sensor. We recommend professional installation on all products.

How long until my kit ships?
We try to keep the most popular kits in stock. Some will require special parts that we may need to order from the manufacturer. This usually takes only 2-3 days to complete.

Why is my international shipment taking so long?
When your kit ships international, we’ll provide a tracking number. Once the kit leaves the US, it is out of the control of the USPS and tracking may not be updated. Although it normally takes about 2 weeks for kits to arrive, it can take longer depending on your country’s postal system. I ask you be patient as we have very few issues normally.

Can I get technical support?
We are a seal supplier and not a rebuilder/remanufacturer. Having said that, most common problem we hear about is seals being put in backwards. Mark seal orientation when disassembling, take alot of pictures and notes, don’t be in a rush.

Can I order over the phone?
Yes, please feel free to call at 918-928-7971 with your order, questions, or comments.

Any other questions? Email me at: