Acura CL




Price: $37.95
Shipping: Free
Model: Acura CL
Years: 1997-1999
Fitment Notes: 1997 2.2L, 3.0L; 1998-99 2.3L, 3.0L

This Acura CL 1997-1999 power steering rack and pinion seal kit can help you repair your vehicle and get back on the road quickly and running smoothly again. All of our Acura rack and pinion seal kits are made of the highest quality power steering seals and replacement parts available. We offer great customers service, fast delivery and free delivery with the USA.

Power Steering Seals offers a full line of Acura power steering rack and pinion seal kits for your used car, truck or SUV.  If you need further assistance simply give us a call today!

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