Mercury Mariner
Power Steering Torque Sensor


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Power steering torque sensor for Mercury Mariner.

-OEM replacement torque sensor for the column mounted EPS unit.
-Includes Power Steering Seals designed alignment tool and link to OEM replacement instructions.
-Includes 2 new OEM Upper Column bolts. These are torque to yield bolts. The old ones should not be reused.

This part is manufactured by the original equipment producer to Ford. Beware of made in China copies as these are not OEM parts. All of the OEM parts have a serial number on the front of the sensor. You can see the serial number in our picture. It is the white rectangle with the bar code. If there is no serial number, that is an indication the part is not OEM.

EPS Torque Sensor Information
Steering Torque Sensor for Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner (Opens to Youtube in a new tab.)
Torque Sensors-Why the steering wheel spins on it’s own after install (Opens to Youtube in a new tab.)
Torque Sensors-OEM vs Aftermarket (Opens to Youtube in a new tab.)

Shipping:  Free
Model:  Mercury Mariner
Years:  2009-2012
Fitment Notes: LHD only. North and South America. Ford part #CL8Z-3F818-A.

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