Let’s talk about quality for a minute…

There are a lot of companies selling seal kits. If you look at google, eBay, or Amazon, they won’t be hard to find. You’ll also find my kits right there along with them. But do they say anything about the quality of their kits? Do they say the seals are from OEM manufacturers? Are their o-rings genuine DuPont™ Viton rubber? If you look closely at other ads for kits, you’ll see a lot of buzzwords like ‘custom’, ‘best’, ‘trust’, ‘premium’, ‘military grade’, and so on. But they can’t back up those buzzwords with facts.


-Power Steering Seals kits contain seals produced by the original equipment manufacturers

-Power Steering Seals brake vacuum pump kit o-rings are made from genuine DuPont™ Viton. This is an original DuPont™ formula used under license. This is NOT a foreign or reverse engineered formula just being called Viton.  

-Power Steering Seals kits contain all the seals and o-rings that are internal to your rack or pump, complete content.

-Power Steering Seals will always provide to you excellent service.


Power Steering Seals price may be a bit higher than others, but be wary of low prices because of the FACTS above.


Thank you for your business.

Scott Levy/President and Owner