2006 Honda Civic Power Steering Leak: What to Fix

2006 Honda Civic Power Steering Leak and the Problems it Can Cause

Any driver with a bit of knowledge or experience knows the sick shrill or whine that comes from the engine of 2006 Honda Civic due to a damaged power steering system. Many people tend to overlook the issue, at first sight it doesn’t seem to pose any safety threats, but can you imagine driving a car that doesn’t navigate a corner? Your steering system will let you know when it’s running out of the power fluid. Running with a 2006 Honda Civic power steering leak will aggravate the problem. You can easily repair the leak if you have a fully equipped power steering seal kit or have it inspected by a mechanic.

React Fast

The key to any excellent functioning automotive steering system is quick response to repair any leakage. Don’t wait until your 2006 Honda Civic power steering leak runs out of control. It takes only a few minutes to inspect the whole system. Clean the rack and pinion, the connecting lines, the reservoir and the pump. This will enable you spot any drops quite easily. Check with the manufacturer’s specifications to see if your fluid level matches the required specifications.


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The Fluid Coolant

All Honda Civic series are equipped with a coolant section at the top of the engine. The coolant increases the performance of the fluid, however the increased plumbing system increases the chances of losing steering power due to leakage. When inspecting your 2006 Honda Civic power steering leak, check this section and replace any faulty pipes.

The Power Pump

The leaking problem could be emanating from the power pump itself. When checking your 2006 Honda Civic power steering leak, inspect the tank too. Many people tend to assume it because it is made of robust material. If your car had an impact, the tank can be perforated leading to a leak. Additionally, the rubber seals wear out due to intense pressure or contact with dirty water. If your pump has been compromised, the best option is to replace it. For the seals you can easily replace them with new ones.

Rack And Pinion

Rack and pinion wear out due to thousands of miles on service and exposure to dirt and water. Any intentional or unintentional impact may make the gears teeth to break creating a gap leading to your 2006 Honda Civic power steering leak. Check for any scratches and use a sandpaper to get rid of them. If there are dip cuts, the only option will be to replace the unit with the deep cuts. The front and rear seals are also prone to damage, check for any damage.

Connecting Lines

The connecting hoses run from the reservoir tank, the pump which is connected at the mortar, rack and pinion and back. When inspecting your 2006 Honda Civic, be sure to check the connecting hoses. Since they are made of rubber, the connecting lines are prone to damage. Run your hand through the hoses and feel for any crack or any thick fluid. The hoses usually tend to get damaged where they mate with the metallic outlets or inlets due to the constant pressure on them. If the pipe is damaged at extreme end, you can cut the part and reuse it. However, if it is cracked midway, you will have to replace it with a new one which matches the specifications.


Have your car inspected and repaired immediately you spot any fluid leaks. Identifying whether it is an oil leakage at first might be difficult and you may want to consult a mechanic before the leak becomes problematic. If you have a fully equipped kit, you can repair it on your own.

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